How to find the Tractor Floppa in Find the Floppa Morphs

tractor floppa in find the floppa morphs
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

Find the FLoppa Morphs, by BIG PLAY, is a huge ‘find the’ game with a whopping 273 Floppa Morphs to find and collect. With multiple maps to explore, casual and completionist players will find a lot of satisfaction with this game. In this huge array of Floppas, there is one Floppa who has become one with machine. And I don’t mean Exterminator-evil machine. This Floppa is a tractor. If you want this hilarious Floppa, then here is your guide on finding the epic Tractor Floppa morph in Find the FLoppa Morphs.

How to find the Tractor Floppa morph

Finding the tractor obby

The tractor floppa morph is represented through a green, tiny tractor, and is hidden away in a secret obby.

To find this marvel of engineering, you’re going to need to visit the farm map through the map menu, which is to the left of the screen when starting up the game. You will spawn in to the wonderful ranch facing a barn.

farm spawn in find the floppa morphs
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

From there, you must look to the left, to see a shelter with a row of tractors. Walk over. Of all the tractors lining up, you must find the blue one, as that tractor is the key to finding the obby. As per the hint provided by the game, you must sit into the tractor. Don’t worry, the doors aren’t physical, so as you walk through you should find yourself teleported to the secret tractor obby.

blue tractor in find the floppa morphs
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

Claiming the Tractor Floppa morph

The tractor obby isn’t too challenging, but only if you approach it in the right way. Ahead of you will be five spinning red walls, akin to the spinning blades of a combine harvester, with the aforementioned green tractor sitting at the end.

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tractor obby in find the floppa morphs
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

To get past this challenge, you must perform perfect timing relating to the middle large wall. As it spins, go as close as you can to one side of it without getting hit. When the wall’s end spins right past you, follow it through. You must have sprint activated if you want any chance of surviving.

As you dash through, you may need to do some jumps to get past the smaller red beams.

If you do that, then you should find yourself face to face with the tractor morph. Make sure you touch it to claim it.

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