How to Get All Trophies/Achievements in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

These achievements are easier to get than you think!

Title Screen in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist
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There are 50 total trophies/achievements in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, and most of them are easier to get than you think! A few can be earned simply by playing through the game without exerting any extra effort, but some of these achievements actually require a lot of extra work to obtain. You even get an extra achievement for getting all of the other achievements! If you want to know how to get every single achievement/trophy in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist, just follow this guide!

All Trophies/Achievements in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist and How to Get Them

  • That Was Scary – Reach the age of 10
  • The Heliopause – The Helios lands when you’re 15 years old
  • What’s Out There – Sneak out to explore Vertumna
  • You Are the Champion – Win a Vertumna event
  • Wake Up Again – Begin your second life (play the game again after beating it)
  • Ding Ding Ding Ding! – Reach 100 (Max Level) in all 4 skills of one type
  • I Hate You! – Reach 100 rebellion skill
  • Life on Earth – Get the Life on Earth ending
  • The Paradox – Get the Transcended Time ending
  • Ran Away – Get the Ran Away ending
  • Transformation – Get the Joined the Gardeners ending
  • Blow It Up – Get the Disabled the Array ending
  • Green Vertumna Forever – Get the Tangent’s Cure ending
  • All For Naught – Get the Colony Destroyed ending
  • Every Possible You – Get all 29 endings
  • Tammy’s Care – Unlock Tammy’s sprite on the Main Menu
  • Tangent’s Focus – Unlock Tangent’s sprite on the Main Menu
  • Marz’s Ambition – Unlock Marz’s sprite on the Main Menu
  • Anemone’s Loyalty – Unlock Anemone’s sprite on the Main Menu
  • Sym’s Curiosity – Unlock Sym’s sprite on the Main Menu
  • Cal’s Strength – Unlock Cal’s sprite on the Main Menu
  • Dys’s Secret – Unlock Dys’s sprite on the Main Menu
  • Rex’s Hug – Unlock Rex’s sprite on the Main Menu
  • Nomi’s Enthusiasm – Unlock Nomi-Nomi’s sprite on the Main Menu
  • Vace’s Confidence – Unlock Vace’s sprite on the Main Menu
  • All The Friends – Unlock all the character’s sprites on the Main Menu
  • Friendliest Friend – Get 5 relationships with 5 different friends to at least 5 hearts
  • Petting Pets – Pet your pets
  • There are Four Pets – Own four different pets at one time
  • The Princess and The Bear – Save Tammy from death
  • The Chief Surveyor – Save Uncle Tonin from death
  • To Engineering! – Save Professor Hal from death
  • His Little Tomato – Help Tangent cure the Shimmer disease (to prevent your dad’s death)
  • Hungry No More – End the famine (to prevent your mother’s death)
  • Who… or What… – Meet Sym the Gardener
  • Matchmaker – Help Nomi-Nomi confess their feelings to Rex
  • Matchbreaker – Break up Anemone and Vace
  • Come Between Them – Prevent Tammy and Cal from dating each other
  • High Score – Score 75 in a single hand
  • Now That’s Value – Get a single card value to 50 or higher
  • Hard Win Streak – Win 10 card games in a row in hard mode
  • Fives Flush – Get a flush of five 5’s from a single hand
  • Hard? Impossible! – Win an Impossible challenge in hard mode
  • Mono Deck – Have a full deck of cards in a single color (or wild cards)
  • Collect Them All – Unlock every card in the gallery (151 available memory cards)
  • No More Dreams – Get an experimental treatment for your delusions
  • Against all Odds – Kill a Faceless creature
  • It’s a Coup! – Replace Governer Lum
  • No Rain Today – Stop the engineered plague created by Tangent
  • Peace on Vertumna – Negotiate with the Gardeners at the end of Age 19 in Glow season
  • All the Everything – Get every single trophy/achievement in the game
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Getting every achievement in I Was a Teenage Exocolonist doesn’t need to be difficult! This game is one of the most replayable games to come out in 2024, so most achievements can simply be stumbled upon while replaying I Was a Teenage Exocolonist for the umpteenth time. If you ever get stuck in this game and don’t know which choices are the right ones to make, check out Gamer Journalist’s numerous helpful guides for this brand-new game!

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