How To Get and Use Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) Item in Fortnite


While somewhat easy to get, the Nimbus Cloud does serve as a nice glider.

If you’ve ever watched the first Dragon Ball anime, you’re very familiar with Nimbus, the cloud Goku used to travel through the sky. However, later Dragon Ball series had Goku able to fly and Nimbus was mostly rendered redundant. But, now you can make up for that. Here’s how to get and use the Nimbus Cloud item in Fortnite.

How To Get the Nimbus Cloud

You have two options when it comes to obtaining the mythic Nimbus Cloud item: buying it and getting it in a capsule drop.

The easiest way would be to drop at Kame House and buy one off of Bulma for 250 gold bars. Keep in mind that with this method that she only has two to sell to the whole lobby.

Nimbus Cloud on Ground

Your other choice would be to wait as the ring closes and follow the falling Capsules to be able to open one when it lands like a care package. These will always drop one Nimbus Cloud and one Kamehameha.

How To Use the Nimbus Cloud

While holding the Nimbus Cloud item you only need to hit your fire button and you will be launched into the air at a decent height and then the item will serve as a glider. Seeing as the Nimbus Cloud gives you a bump into the air, it isn’t necessary to gain elevation to use it.

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After each use, you will have a 20-second cooldown upon landing, but the item is infinite use, unlike the Kamehameha.

That is everything you need to know for how to get and use the Nimbus Cloud item in Fortnite. Be sure to take a look at all the Dragon Ball x Fortnite challenges you will need to complete for the free cosmetic items.

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