How to Get Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

As a free-to-play gacha game, you can expect there to be a good variety of currencies to obtain in Tower of Fantasy. Some of them are particularly valuable as they can be used to summon weapons on the various banners. Here’s how to get Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy.

Getting Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

Like most other gacha games, there are two primary ways of getting Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy: by purchasing them with real money, or obtaining them in-game at a slower rate. We’ll break down the individual methods down below:

  • Purchasing with real money
  • Hitting Terminal milestones
  • Progressing through the story quests
  • Completing daily and weekly activities
  • Leveling up the Merit Pass

We’ll go over each of the methods in more detail below, but essentially, you’ll receive a good chunk of Dark Crystals as an F2P player at the start of the game, and it’s possible to save a nice amount if you play regularly.

Purchasing With Real Money

The first method is to break out the credit card and spend your hard-earned cash on some gacha goodness. You have a few options here. The first is to purchase Tanium to grab all the first-time purchase bonuses for each pack. You’ll be rewarded with the equivalent amount of Dark Crystals for each Tanium pack you buy, with the prices listed below:

  • 60 Tanium – $0.99
  • 300 Tanium – $4.99
  • 980 Tanium – $14.99
  • 1,980 Tanium – $29.99
  • 3,280 Tanium – $49.99
  • 6,480 Tanium – $99.99

You can also buy the Monthly Pass for $9.99, which grants you 300 Tanium straight up, as well as 100 Dark Crystals per day for the next 30 days. Do note that you need to log in each day to claim them.

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If you’ve purchased Tanium, you can then buy some of the limited gift packs in the shop. These are usually pretty valuable bundles that come with Dark Crystals, Red Nucleus, and other summoning currencies.

Tanium can also be converted to Dark Crystals at a 1:1 ratio by clicking the little + symbol next to your Dark Crystals in the top right corner of the screen.

Terminal Milestones

terminal achievements in tower of fantasy
Image Source: Hotta Studio via Twinfinite

As you achieve certain goals and milestones in Tower of Fantasy, you’ll also be rewarded with Dark Crystals and Gold Nucleus. These can range from anything like joining a crew and adding a friend for the first time, to beating a boss for the first time.

Bring up the menu and select the Terminal, then claim your rewards from there.

Progressing Through Story Quests

story milestones in tower of fantasy
Image Source: Hotta Studio via Twinfinite

Similarly, completing story quests will also reward you with Dark Crystals, and they can be claimed from the Terminal as well.

After selecting the Terminal, choose the Story option. From here, you’ll see little chests in the corner of the screen. You can unlock those as you explore the different regions in Tower of Fantasy and clear the story.

Completing Daily and Weekly Activities

weekly activities in tower of fantasy
Image Source: Hotta Studio via Twinfinite

This is going to be your bread and butter when it comes to racking up Dark Crystals, especially for F2P players. You’ll be rewarded with 50 Dark Crystals whenever you sign in for the day, and knocking out your bounties and clearing your weekly activities will reward you with even more.

F2P players should be able to get 700 Dark Crystals each week, assuming you’ve been keeping up with all your dailies and weeklies.

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Leveling Up the Merit Pass

merit pass in tower of fantasy
Image Source: Hotta Studio via Twinfinite

Tower of Fantasy also features a battle pass of sorts, which has a free track and a paid track. Of course, paid players will get a lot more rewards, but there are quite a few goodies for F2P players too. If you’re diligent about it, you can get a couple hundred Dark Crystals from the free track. However, this will take a lot of grinding and a lot of playing.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game, including our reroll guide and weapon tier list.

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