How to Get Dori In Genshin Impact


Learn everything you need to know about how to get Dori in Genshin Impact.

Among the new characters up for grabs in Genshin Impact, Dori inhabits an interesting niche. Privy to a weapon type and skill layout that makes her ideal for a variety of team compositions, she has the potential to be both a great primary play character and a highly useful addition to your team for her passive abilities. This all hinges on you actually knowing how to get Dori in Genshin Impact, though, which is why we’re here to walk you through the process.

How to Pull Dori in Genshin Impact

Like other characters in Genshin Impact, you’ll only be able to get Dori by rolling the dice with some Fate spent on Wishes. Fortunately, the game is set to make things a little easier on you while you fish for the Treasure of Dream Garden.

During the 3.0 update’s second phase, certain events are set to take place, which can boost the probability of Dori being drawn substantially. Keep an eye out for Banners that advertise this and that increase her probability of being drawn, and save any Fate you have stocked up for the days they’re active.

Even if you don’t manage to attempt some pulls during these times, you should still have a decent chance of pulling Dori before she becomes unavailable. She’s ranked as a four-star character, meaning you’ll have a better chance of pulling her than the five-star characters being released alongside the 3.0 update.

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How to Use Dori and What Her Abilities Are

Once you do get Dori in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to figure out how to best utilize her in your party.

Luckily, there are very few bad ways to use her in the game. A Claymore user, she’s a decent choice for attacking enemies with heavy shield-breaking attacks. Likewise, her ranged elemental attacks are nothing to sneeze at. Her Electro typing provides some great coverage and application potential if your team is lacking in the element, and her HP makes her great for tanking hits when you need to deal with a particularly aggressive enemy.

There’s also her Elemental Burst to consider, which summons a Jinni that constantly heals and replenishes her energy while it’s active. Likewise, forcing your enemies to cross the line connecting Dori to her Jinni will deal continuous Electro damage, making it an ideal way to heal and deal damage from a distance all at once.

Topping all this off is her crafting bonus, which will occasionally use fewer crafting resources than is necessary for an item to be made.

This makes Dori a solid choice no matter where you want to use her, and this fact likely won’t change anytime soon.

Hopefully this helped you figure out how to get Dori in Genshin Impact. For more on the game, check out any of our related articles down below. We’ve also got plenty of other guides tied to the 3.0 update, including ones on how to get Collei, where to get Starshroom, and where to get Sumeru Rose.

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