How To Get Your NIN Without Visiting Any Nin Enroll Center On All Network (Mtn, Airtel, Glo And 9mobile)  

The federal government in collaboration with NCC National Communication Commission as we all know that they have told all network provider in Nigeria to carry sim link with NIN or Nin link with sim process which is still going on that most people in Nigeria don’t have their own personal Nin which is called National Identification Number that’s make them visit Nin enroll center and enroll so that they can get their own Nin. 

But most of us have their Nin but they don’t know because they seem don’t know how they can get it and how to know their Nin number so that they can get it linked with their sim that was announced toward 2020 ending and still going on recent day 2021. They seem to extend the deadline for anybody that fails to link their sim with Nin. 

How To Get Your NIN Without Visiting NIN Enroll Center 2022

As we said earlier most people have their Nin but they don’t know so we are about to link out the secret that will lead you to how you can get your Nin without partaking in the enrolment process at Nin enroll center. 

80% of people in Nigeria have a bank account which automatically makes them have their own personal BVN Bank verification Number right? 

We all know that. So automatically anybody that has a BVN that is linked with any Network Sim either mtn, airtel, glo, and 9mobile as automatically has or already has A NIN. 

It was brought to our Notice that anybody that has or has A BVN automatically has his/her own National Identification Number. 

Which can be retrieved by following the process here or use the code. 

On the sim that was used to link your BVN, go-to your phone and dial *346# on the number. 

And use that ro retrieve your NIN without any need to visit any Nin enrollment center to get your own personal NiN. 

It was stated that once anybody partakes or enrolls for BVN and gets it automatically his/her NIN as also be linked with the sim too that you be used to getting your NiN. 

What makes things funny to us most is that you can use your sim to retrieve your NIN and you still have to use your hand to link that NIN to your sim. Funny right, we don’t have any choice but to do what our government issues us to do. 

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We already have different articles that explain in detail how you can link your sim with Nin on our blog visit and check it out or follow the new steps that we are about to list below. 

How To Link Sim With NIN On All Network (Mtn, Airtel, Glo, And 9mobiles) 

There are major two ways that one can use to link sim to Nin on all network which entails:

  • Internet Process (Online).
  • And using the USSD code. 

This process is available on all network providers which will help you to link your Nin with sim without any stress all you just have to do is get your Nin ready and follow steps that we are about to state below that will help you get your sim linked with your Nin. 

We will start with the Number noble network in Nigeria which is Mtn followed by Airtel Then Glo and last 9mobile keep reading so that you won’t miss anything. 

How To Link Mtn Sim With Nin Using the Internet In 2022

  • Click here to visit the Mtn Nin link with sim site.
  • On the page, you will be provided with some info about NIN. 
  • You will be asked to provide some details like full name, phone number, email, and your NiN.
  • The details you are to provide should correspond with the details on your Nin database and Phone number.
  • Click on submit and wait for a confirmation message from Mtn. 
    How to link your mtn sim with nin

That’s all you have successfully provided mtn details that they will use to Link your NIN with your sim. 

An alternative way, some people might find that difficult the process we are about to state now seems easy and straightforward which you can use to link your mtn sim with your NIN number. 

How To Link Mtn Sim With Nin Using USSD Code In 2022

  • Go-to your phone dial pad and dial the code *785#.
  • That is used to link mtn sim with nin.
  • Now provide your NIN which is said to be an 11 digit number. 
  • The option to provide Nin and link it should be on one.
  • Once you have provided the Nin and you check that is correct.
  • Click on the send button and you will be provided with a successful message. How To Link Mtn Sim With Nin Using USSD Code In 2021

You have successfully linked your Mtn sim with nin what is left now is to wait for the verification process from mtn and for finalization. 

It’s quite easy to use USSD code than using the internet to I prefer the code then online let’s check the next network provider. 

How To Link Airtel Sim With NIN Using Internet 2022

  • Click here to visit the airtel sim link with Nin page.
  • You will be asked to provide your number before you proceed.
  • The number is eligible to provide or receive OTP. 
  • Provide the details and proceed to the next page that will make you provide your NiN. 
  • Once you follow all the steps you have linked your Nin.
  • All you have to do next is to wait for confirmation. 
    How To Link Airtel Sim With NIN Using Internet 2021

How To Link Airtel Sim With Nin Using USSD Code 2022

  • Go to your phone dial the code on your airtel link.
  • Dial *121*1# to link your airtel sim with NIn.
  • Provide your NIN 11 digit number and proceed.
  • Then you will receive an activation message from airtel. How To Link Nin With Airtel sim

Using both stated methods, internet and USSD code which are being used to link airtel sim with NIN in 2024. Review both steps and select or make the selection on the preferable once. 

How To Link Glo Sim With NiN Using the Internet In 2022

  • Visit the Glo Sim link with the NIN official page. 
  • Click here to head straight to the site. 
  • Provide those empty boxes with details.
  • Enter your full name, mobile number, and enter the NIN twice then a valid email address. 
  • Lastly, click on the submit button to get things done for once.
  • How To Link Glo Sim With NiN Using the Internet In 2021

You have just used glo nin webpage to link your Glo sim with nin with the help of the internet. 

How To Link Glo Sim With Nin Using Sms In 2022

  • Other or alternative ways that are used to link a glo sim with Nin is using Sms. 
  • Go to your sms box and create a new message. 
  • Provide the message as followed “updateNIN NiN First Name Last name” And send it to 109.
  • This is stated by Glo official using message or Sms to link your Glo sim with Nin. 
    How To Link Glo Sim With Nin Using Sms In 2021

The glo sim linked using internet and SMS is somehow quite similar use the comment section too. Specify which one is the best alternative to use when trying to carry out a glo sim link with NiN. 

How To Link 9mobile Sim With Nin Using Internet in 2022

  • The 9mobile sim link with Nin is stated as
  • Visit the site by clicking here and you have some steps to follow.
  • Up to 11 steps are needed to be followed to get your 9mobile sim link with Nin. 
  • One of the first steps is to provide your 9mobile phone number and proceed. 
    How To Link 9mobile Sim With Nin Using Internet in 2021

The ussd process for 9mobile we are simpler than others. 

How To Link 9mobile Sim With Nin Using USSD Code

  • To your phone and dial the 9mobile sim link to NIn code.
  • Dail *200*8# you will be provided with a pop up to provide your Nin.
  • Provide your 11 digit NIN and proceed.
    How To Link 9mobile Sim With Nin Using USSD Code

Using the above procedure you have just linked your 9mobile sim with NIN without any stress of visiting any network provider office straightforward process. 


This article is strictly for the process of how to link Sim with Nin for all network providers in Nigeria. Try to go through it and get your own sim linked with your Nin before it’s too late. 

It takes us a lot of time and research to get this article complete. This might still not be complete to some people if you find any addition or subtraction that you will like us to add or remove from this article lets us know in the comment section. Go through the article well and use an alternative process to link your nin with your sim. 

Stay tuned with us on our various social media for a fast update on any of our posts. 

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