How to Increase CS in Tower of Fantasy


Increasing your CS is essential to tackling Tower of Fantasy’s power curve, heres how it works.

Tower of Fantasy is the next big thing in the MMO market, and developer Hotta Studio’s new game is full of exciting content for players to dive into. Combat is central to the experience, and creating powerful builds, and optimising your fighting potential is one of the most satisfying aspects of Tower of Fantasy. Understanding CS, or Combat Score, is essential. Let’s take a look at how to increase CS in Tower of Fantasy.

Increasing CS in Tower of Fantasy

In an MMO, and in many RPGs in general, players need a way to gauge their relative power level, determined by the weapons, armour, items and accessories they may have equipped. Whether it be Light level in Destiny 2, or Final Fantasy XIV’s Item level, this is a mechanic you can use to determine where you are on the power curve of a game.

Tower of Fantasy‘s Combat Score is no different. You can check your CS on the Character tab, and it is at the top of the list, above your HP and below your overall character level. Whenever you change weapons, your CS will also briefly flash on the bottom of the screen. It can also be seen on the Backpack and Weapon screens.

Outside of the simple satisfaction of a high CS, there are other practical reasons for knowing your CS level. It lets you know if you are in over your head when you go up against other players in PVP, and also lets you know when you are ready to tackle PVE content like multiplayer dungeons and pull your weight as a part of a team.

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In addition, raising your CS will allow you to upgrade your Suppressors, increasing your stats and making you more effective overall.

It’s worth noting that CS isn’t something you are going to need to worry about when you first start playing. It is only after you reach level 25 that you gain the ability to “unlock” equipment, and thus have each piece contribute to your CS score.

Equip the gear that gives you the highest CS, and engage in content appropriate for your level, swapping out equipment as you find more powerful pieces. In this manner, you will raise your CS at a rapid clip, and be ready for anything the game throws at you!

And that’s everything you need to know about how to increase your CS score in Tower of Fantasy. Check out more helpful guides, like our Tower of Fantasy Reroll guide, or a list of the Best Anime Character Presets, or simply peruse the list of recommended articles below.

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