How to Increase Follower Loyalty in Cult of the Lamb


Gotta really exercise those cult creation muscles.

As the title gives away, the main facet of Cult of the Lamb is starting a cult. Seeing as cults are tricky and require followers, keeping them happy and loyal is pretty important. We mean this purely for the game, as we’re definitely not trying to get into the cult business. With that in mind, here’s how to increase follower loyalty in Cult of the Lamb.

How to Give Blessings in Cult of the Lamb

One of the simplest ways to increase loyalty with all followers in Cult of the Lamb is that once a day, each of them can be interacted with and given a blessing. To do this, all you have to do is interact with your follower and go down to the hand sign to bless them. This is also a great way to keep track of your followers as their numbers grow.

how to give blessings in cult of the lamb

While that is the easiest way considering it’s time-controlled and doesn’t cost you anything besides time, there are most certainly more effective methods.

How to Give Gifts

Followers can be given gifts and will occasionally have quests for you to complete for them. These gifts are usually necklaces that they’ll wear, which can be found on your crusades.

After you get one, go back to the cult and interact with one of your followers. Choose the give gift option, and they’ll receive whatever buff or benefit is associated with that specific gift.

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Keep in mind, you can only give one per member, and they can’t be swapped out or taken back until that follower dies.

How to Preach Sermons

Last but not least, performing Sermons is a great way to improve loyalty. You can do these once a day by going to the church and selecting the Sermon option at the Temple Altar. As far as the reason for doing this, increasing a follower’s loyalty means they will reward you with Devotion and a very important Commandment Stone Fragment.

The above is all the information you could possibly need when it comes to how to increase follower loyalty in Cult of the Lamb. Be sure to check the links below for other guides that might answer any questions you might have. Anything the guides can’t answer, be sure to ask us in the comments, and we will help you with whatever you’re after.

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