How to Level Up Fast in Saints Row Reboot

Saints Row XP is important if you’re wanting to unlock the very best skills and weapons at your disposal. The problem comes in the fact that it’s not always abundantly clear the fastest ways to earn XP as you’re going about your criminal life in Santo Ileso. Well, fear not, as Twinfinite’s here to explain everything you need to know about racking up that all-important experience so you can level up and unlock those goodies faster in Saints Row’s 2024 reboot.

How to Get XP & Level Up Fast in Saints Row Reboot

With this being an open-world action RPG title, there are a variety of ways you can earn XP, each of which we’ve explained in further detail below.

Complete Main Missions

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way first. Completing main missions is the fastest way to earn huge chunks of XP.

Even better, the main missions aren’t massively long, so chances are you can get a handful of these completed fairly quickly and level up a few good times in the process.

Of course, the further through you get in the story, the tougher the missions will be, so there may be times you’ll need to explore different avenues for that precious experience.

Kill Enemies

Who’d have thought that killing those bad guys roaming the streets of Santo Ileso would reap us some handy experience rewards? Everyone… everyone guessed that.

Yep, as is often the case with big open world games, any enemies that you kill either in missions, side missions, or just as you’re roaming the open world will result in you netting a small amount of experience.

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Each individual kill isn’t going to skyrocket you to the max level cap, but it all adds up, and given you’re going to be killing a lot of your criminal counterparts, it can result in a level or two by the time you’ve reached the end of the game’s story.

Set Up Criminal Ventures

As you make your way to criminal superstardom, you’ll have the option to set up Criminal Ventures across Santo Ileso. These not only provide you with a steady flow of income, but it also means that you’ll be racking up some easy XP for doing absolutely nothing, as well.

Image Credit: Deep Silver Volition via Twinfinite

Whenever you have the spare cash, we’d recommend setting up a Criminal Venture for this sole reason. While you’re out killing enemies and completing missions, these will be earning you cash and XP passively, making that max level cap incredibly easy to reach quickly.

Collect Drug Pallets & Complete Wanted Missions

There are 125 Drug Pallets littered around Santo Ileso, and while yet again they won’t net you a ton of XP individually, combined, they add up to a good amount. As such, we’d highly recommend you grab them as you stumble upon them while exploring the city.

Additionally, there are also Wanted missions that can provide a nice distraction from the main story while also netting a little bit of additional XP (and cash, too!).

That’s everything you need to know on how to get XP fast in Saints Row Reboot. For more on the game, be sure to check out our guides on how to create your character early, the preload and unlock times, our review, or any of the other links below.

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