How To Play Multiplayer On Minecraft Java? Guide To Play Multiplayer On Minecraft Java

Multiplayer On Minecraft Java

To play on a server, whether it’s LAN-based or online-hosted, a player’s game version for Minecraft: Java Edition must match the server version. At the bottom of the main menu, you may find the version number of your game.

You may update Minecraft on all other platforms by visiting the app store on your device.

How To Play Multiplayer On Minecraft Java?

Connecting Via LAN

Select a host machine. This machine ought to be quick enough to play Minecraft and manage a server for additional players.

  1. Click Single Player after starting the game.

  2. Open an existing world or create a new one.

  3. Click Open to LAN and then press the Esc key inside that environment.

  4. To set a game mode for the other players, select one.

  5. The default option for Minecraft is survival, which includes hunger and life points. You can fly and put a limitless amount of blocks when in creative mode. Similar to Survival mode, Adventure mode prohibits placing or destroying bricks. You can also decide whether to enable or disable cheats (commands).

  6. You will get a notification stating that a local game has been hosted after clicking Start LAN World. When other players on the same network start their game and choose Multiplayer, their computers should automatically recognize the game and invite them to join.

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Connecting To A Server Via The Internet

  1. Identify the Minecraft server’s IP or website address. On many Minecraft server websites, this information is available, but if the world is privately hosted, users may need to get in touch with the host, another player, or the administrator.

  2. From the main menu of Minecraft, choose “Multiplayer.”

  3. Type or paste the IP address or website address, then click “Add Server” to finish.


  5. Play if the server is available by logging on.

Connecting To A Minecraft Realm

  1. From the main menu, select “Minecraft Realms.”

  2. Players can decide whether to join an existing Realm or build a new Realm (which will eventually need a monthly subscription charge after a trial period). Players must receive an invitation from the person who either hosted the realm or has operator powers in order to join an existing Realm.

  3. Simply double-click the name of the Realm in the list after it has been created or when an invite has been accepted for an existing Realm to begin playing.

Troubleshooting Multiplayer Connection Issues On Minecraft Java?

  • Restart Minecraft Java Edition after closing it.

  • See whether restarting your computer or device resolves the problem. Connection issues can frequently be resolved by restarting.

  • Close the game, log out of your Microsoft or Mojang account, and then log back in.

  • Make sure you have a solid connection to your router if you’re utilizing a wireless connection. Your router might need to be reset or restarted.

  • Close any open programs that are utilizing your Internet bandwidth after checking your currently operating programs.

  • Check the settings of your firewall, antivirus program, or VPN to make sure it is not preventing or slowing down your connection.

  • Modify your router’s settings to utilize open or moderate Network Address Translation (NAT).

  • Try connecting via an Ethernet cable if you’re using a stationary device rather than Wi-Fi.

  • Try restoring your world to a previous save.

  • Open a new world by switching the world slot.

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Mojang Studios created Minecraft, which is a sandbox video game. Markus “Notch” Persson programmed the game in Java. It was originally made public in May 2009, with Notch stepping down and Jens “Jeb” Bergensten taking over development, after numerous early private testing versions. It was finally released in November 2011, with Notch stepping down and Jens “Jeb” Bergensten taking over development. Minecraft is now the best-selling video game of all time, with over 238 million copies sold and almost 140 million monthly active users as of 2021.

Minecraft Gameplay

Because there are no set objectives in the 3D sandbox game Minecraft, players have a lot of leeway in how they choose to play. Players have the option to switch the game’s usual first-person perspective for a third-person one. Rough 3D objects, principally cubes, and fluids, known as “blocks,” which represent various materials, make up the game’s universe. The core of the game is picking up and putting these items. The globe is freely navigable, and these blocks are arranged in a three-dimensional grid. Blocks can be “mined” by players, who can then place them wherever they like to build constructions. Many reviews have criticized the game’s physics system as being unrealistic. Redstone is a material that may be used in the game to build basic mechanical devices, electrical circuits, and logic gates, allowing for the construction of a wide range of complex systems.

Minecraft Overview

Specifications Details
Developers Mojang
Publishers Mojang, Xbox Game Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment
Designers Markus Persson, Jens Bergensten 
Artist Markus Toivonen, Jasper Boerstra
Composer C418
Series Minecraft
Platform Windows, macOS, Linux
Release 18 November 2011
Genre Sandbox, survival
Mode Single-player, multiplayer
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