How to Prank During Co-op Multiplayer in Saints Row


Get to pranking your co-op partners during multiplayer in Saints Row.

One of the best ways to enjoy gaming is to do it with a friend alongside you. Whether it be just for a short while, or the entire campaign like in the new Saints Row, moments that are otherwise impossible always stand out, especially if it comes at the expense of your partner. For those wondering about how to prank your co-op partner in Saints Row, here’s everything you’ll need to know.

Pranking During Co-op in Saints Row

First of all, head into the options and adjust the co-op settings to enable co-op pranking. This will have to be set to onfor both you and your co-op partner, if you both don’t have it on, you can’t pull pranks. Once that is done, the game will allow players to prank each other.

In order to execute the prank, you will need to complete a certain objective that is tied to it. To find out the objective, hold down the left bottom on the d-pad. This can be anything from fire your weapon a set amount of times to drifting a certain distance. Once completed, simply hold down the left button on the d-pad and watch the chaos unfold.

Now that you know exactly how to prank your multiplayer co-op partner in Saints Row, prepare for anything when in co-op. For more help in Saints Row, be sure to check out our other guides on how to save in the game, what are red skulls on the map, or learn how to use your wingsuit effectively. For everything else, please search Twinfinite.

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