How to Respec Your Character in Saints Row


Being able to respec a character can be vital, here’s what you need to know about it in Saints Row.

With the whole city at your mercy, it will be up to players just how they want to proceed in the new Saints Row. Completing missions and making the other gangs pay for their opposition will always helo, and all of that will contribute to your growing power and level, and in turn, unlock more abilities and perks. However, if you are worried about early choices being made with foresight, here’s what you will need to know about how to respec your character in Saints Row.

Can You Respec Your Character in Saints Row?

The short answer is, no, you can’t respec. Thankfully, there really isn’t a need to do this, as Saints Row has made it more simple for players when it comes to progression and stats.

There are simply no stats to respec in the game, and abilities, as well as perks, can be switched out at any time. This will allow players to prepare sufficiently for whatever is needed at any moment, whether to tank more damage or to focus on particular enemies to fight efficiently.

As for weapon upgrades, those are final, so make your choices wisely. On the cosmetic front, those can be changed at any time as well.

That’s everything you will need to know about how to respec your character in Saints Row. For more tips and tricks for the game, be sure to check out our other guides on how to level up and getting new skills, how to get money fast, and how to unlock and play Insurance Fraud. For everything else, please search Twinfinite.

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