How To Upgrade Your Glo Sim To 4G In 2024

The world is Going wide every day by day that’s while it leads us through the way technology is going wide nowadays in times of networking currently 5G network has circulated some nations whereby Nigeria is still left with 4G networks which are not yet circulated to all network providers most people still make use of 3G network on their Glo network that makes us look around and think of a way on how to upgrade Glo sim to 4g, Cool right? 

To me due to my research glo is one of the sluggish networks in Nigeria only 55% of areas or states in Nigeria are covered up with a fast glo network which is not good, don’t prove me rough is what all of the notice and know I said these not to condemned glo network services providers but they should just bring improvements to there network mostly in Nigeria. 

In this article, we will lead you through the ways how to upgrade glo sim to 4g and most aspects and why you should upgrade your line to 4g. 

Why should I upgrade my Glo sim to 4g? 

As I said earlier technology is going wide everyday most countries like China, Korea let just said most Asian countries now are about to migrate to 6G network and we are still roaming with 4G in Nigeria which is not yet circulated, which bring an opinion or due to our research that 3g might be left behind in Nigeria soon which is one of the No one (1) priority that you should upgrade your Glo sim to 4G. 

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How to Upgrade My Glo Sim To 4g

In order to upgrade your sim or glo sim to 4g you should visit the closest glo customers service center in your area and tell them you will like to upgrade your sim to 4g but before you do that I will suggest you contact glo customers care and tell them about what you want so that they can offer you the requirements. 

How To Contact Glo Customer Care Service 

You can get to glo customers care service in different ways. 

  1. By dialing the number 121 for glo subscribers.
  2. Why dial the following number for unsubscribers  That is another number “08050020121
    They are also available on the top social media in Nigeria which is listed below:
  3. Facebook Glo Customer Care
  4. Twitter Glo Customer Care: @Gloworld @Glocare
  5. Instagram Glo Customer Care: @GlobacomLimited
  6. YouTube Glo Customer Care:
  7. Eskimi Glo Customer Care:
  8. Via Email Glo Customer Care :
  9. Google plus Glo Customer Care on:
  10. LinkedIn Glo Customer Care :

Now I think with all these listed glo customer services above you can now get your glo sim upgraded to 4g. 

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Hope we have help you upgrade your glo sim to 4g let know view the comments section yes try to support and share with us thanks. 

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