How To Use Dendro To Heal Aranara in Genshin Impact


Rescue the Aranara by healing it with Dendro.

The latest area of Genshin Impact, Sumeru, has various tasks requiring players to use Dendro. One instance, in particular, is when you must save an Aranara, a new creature to the game, with the element. So, if you need help with this specific mission, we’ll explain how you can use Dendro to heal this mystical being.

How To Use Dendro To Heal Aranara

Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

The Genshin Impact World Quest, An Unwavering Culinary Dream, assigns you the mission to rescue one of the Aranara named “Arachatora.” Two creatures will ask you to search for him, where you must look for a rising pillar of smoke to find him.

Once you are at the designated location, you’ll trigger a new task to “Use Dendro to heal the Aranara.” To achieve this, you must initiate an attack on the Arachatora with one of your Dendro users, such as Collei and Tighnari. But, if you don’t have either of these characters, you can go to the Statue of The Seven that has this element and resonate with it (there is one fairly close by this location.)

Dendro Statue of The Seven
Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

After you’ve acquired the character, you’ll have to go up to Arachatora and save him with the element. For example, you can use Collei and Tighnari’s Aimed Shot or utilize the Razorgrass Blade with the Traveler; hitting the Aranara may seem a bit drastic, but it’s the only way you can heal him.

Using Dendro to heal the Aranara
Source: miHoYo via Twinfinite

Eventually, Arachatora will thank you for saving him, and you’ll begin your new quest to find a cooking ingredient for him. Those who need help with this mission can check out our guide on how to get the Head Mushroom in the next step of the quest.

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Now that you know how to heal the Aranara with Dendro, you can discover more information about Genshin Impact, including our guides about the voice actors for Nilou and Alhaitham. Be sure to also look at the relevant links below for additional content about the game.

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