How to Visit Other Island Sanctuaries in FFXIV Island Sanctuary


Find out how to visit other Island Sanctuaries in Final Fantasy XIV’s Island Sanctuary content.

Final Fantasy XIV’s 6.2 patch is finally here, and with it the ability to visit the Island Sanctuary. A paradise within the chaos of the game’s world, it’s a place where you can go to get away from the adventuring grind and engage in more literal farming to build up your version of this oasis as you see fit. If you’re more of a social player though, you’re probably eager to know how to visit other Island Sanctuaries in Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary so that you can see how your friends’ getaways are shaping up.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you along in this endeavor.

How to Visit Other Island Sanctuaries in Final Fantasy XIV

To visit other Island Sanctuaries in Final Fantasy XIV, you and your friends will need to fulfill a few key conditions.

For starters, you’ll both need to have completed the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon.” The Island Sanctuary content is only accessible after this point and isn’t currently accessible by any other means.

Once both of you have done this, your friend will need to have reached the necessary Sanctuary Rank where they can allow other players to visit their Island Sanctuary. This is done by engaging in activities such as farming, building new facilities, and otherwise cultivating the land for better habitation all around. There’s really no way around this either, so they’ll simply need to play the game and progress through building up their island.

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Once they reach the necessary rank, they’ll then be able to make their Island Sanctuary available for others to visit via the Sanctuary Settings option. Upon accessing this, they’ll need to set the Island as open to Friends, Free Company Members, and Party Members. There is not currently a way to make the Island Sanctuary open to the public, so make sure you fall under one of these categories for the person you’d like to visit.

Once they’ve done this, you’ll be good to go to their island getaway. You can do so by going to lower La Noscea and speaking to Baldin. He’s located at X: 24.9 and Y: 34.8, and will allow you to visit other Island Sanctuaries even if you haven’t established your own just yet.

What You Can Do on a Friend’s Island Sanctuary

As for what you can do while visiting a friend’s Island Sanctuary, it’s mainly limited to socializing and checking out what they’ve built.

You won’t be able to harvest resources or farm so as not to screw up your host’s creations, meaning you can only roam around the area and check out everything they’ve built up. Still, though, it’s a good way for you and your friends to interact in a new location and have some fun together using the game’s latest content.

Leaving your friend’s Island Sanctuary is easy enough to do too. All you need to do is head to the boat located at X: 9.2 and Y: 28.3, or use Return and Teleport.

Hopefully, this clears up how to visit other Island Sanctuaries in FF XIV Island Sanctuary. For more on the game, check out any of the related content down below. We’ve also got plenty of other guides on topics like how to get Seafarer’s Cowries, what all the main 6.2 Scenario Quests are, and how to survive the Fell Court of Troia Dungeon.

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