How to Win All of the Final Rounds in Fall Guys

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In Fall Guys, there are 20 different rounds players will need to complete in order to win the game. Even though qualifying for the next round is typically pretty easy once you get the basics down. By the time you reach the Final Round, the level of difficulty rises dramatically. They’re also the most important stages of the game when it comes to clinching the Fall Guys crown.

In this guide, we will break down how to win all of the final rounds in Fall Guys.

How to Win All of the Final Rounds in Fall Guys

Fall Mountain

We’ll kick things off with likely the easiest final round of Fall Guys, Fall Mountain. Which tasks players with dodging tumbling balls and turning hammers while trying to climb up a steep slope. In order to get to the crown, and beat Fall Mountain, you will need to clear four obstacles. The first is a path of spinners, the second obstacle is walls, the third is diamond-shaped objects, and the last features spinning hammers.

For the path of spinners, you’ll want to keep an eye on the ball. If you see that a ball is about to hit one of the spinning blocks, try to get in front of it on the opposite side. Which will shoot you ahead of the group and provide a clear path to victory. Once you get to the walls, the best thing to do is stay close to them. This will allow you to quickly change sides without losing time.

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As for the Diamond obstacles, the key here is to always stay behind the pink diamond-shaped objects, and then comes the final obstacle. The best way to make it past the spinning hammers is by going in the same direction. Not only will this help you avoid getting hit, but you could even receive a speed boost when hit by the hammers. If you manage to pull off all of this, then you should have no problem clinching a victory.


Next, we’ve got the Hex-A-Gone, which is widely regarded as the most difficult final round in Fall Guys. Every hexagon you step on disappears in seconds and there are multiple levels you need to reach to win. You can also fall through multiple layers if you’re not careful.

The goal in this game is to be the last one to fall off the honeycomb-shaped hexagon. So, instead of running across the honeycomb to avoid falling, the best thing to do is hop from one level to the next. Also, a wide misconception is that you need to stay up high to win. However, if you drop yourself down to a low level early, then other players can’t cross you until they too are down lower. Meaning that you’ll get the first choice of open spaces.

Royal Fumble

The concept of Royal Fumble is similar to Tail Tag in that the player with the tail at the end of the round wins. That being said, keeping the tail is easier said than done. This means that once you obtain the tail, you need to be really quick in jumping and diving to avoid losing it. So, timing is one of the most important factors to consider in this final round of Fall Guys.

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If you don’t have the tail, then you’ll want to try to go for it towards the end of the round. This way there’s a smaller window for somebody else to swoop in and steal the tail in the closing seconds. Another thing to remember is that it’s not about being the fastest player but the smartest, as you technically don’t need the tail until the buzzer sounds. So, sometimes even stationing yourself in an area you think the tail-holder might run could be a sneaky way to claim victory.

Jump Showdown

Lastly, we’ve got Jump Showdown. Which is essentially a more challenging version of the Jump Club. All of the poles that can knock you down are double-sided and the floor beneath you can collapse at any moment. Although, if you’re precise in your approach and avoid getting cornered, you can easily emerge victorious.

The importance of precision in this round of Fall Guys cannot be overstated. You need to be careful where and when you jump or else you could get caught as the first player out. Also, you’ll generally want to be wherever the most pieces on the ground are and always stay vigilant of your surroundings. When you begin to feel the ground shake, the best thing to do is run across it and get to the other side. This is where most players make the mistake because they’re too hesitant.

That’s everything you need to know about how to win all of the final rounds in Fall Guys. If you’re interested in more Fall Guys content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find information like how to double jump in Fall Guys or how to fix the Fall Guys Disconnected from Server error.

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