iQIYI Video 4.7.0 APK Download for Android (Latest Version)

Are you a fan of Chinese movies and many other movies from other countries? But you don’t know which movie application to use to watch them all? iQIYI Video APK application will surely make you satisfied.

Introduce about iQIYI Video

Specialized app for watching Chinese movies and more

Everyone has their preferences. Some people like watching Korean movies, some love Chinese historical dramas, others just like American movies… For me, I can watch whatever when I have free time and there is a good movie for me, I don’t mind which country that movie is from. Sometimes it’s good to watch Chinese historical dramas. But there are almost no applications for watching such movies nowadays.

Therefore, we need to find a mobile application with a rich source of Chinese movies constantly updated, and of course, movies from other countries. So that when you need or are interested in any genre, you can find it right away. After searching for a while, I decided to try iQIYI Video. And the following is my personal feeling about this movie-watching application.

iQIYI Video owns a huge video store and ensures constant updates

There are a few movie applications that I have downloaded and used before, but none of them satisfied me. The start with those apps was very good with good-looking interfaces, but after a while, it updated less and less and then no longer updated. It felt like being betrayed by a lover. The pain is indescribable. Since then, every time I download the app to use it, I’ve always been very wary of it. The first selection criterion I set is: good in the present and the future.

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So far, after more than a few months of use, perhaps iQIYI Video has not disappointed me.

The number of videos and movies in iQIYI Video is large. And true to the developer’s commitment, any new famous programs, important events, and new Chinese movies will be updated right on the homepage. Trust starts to build up slowly and grows over time. So far, I can confirm that I will save this app and use it for a long time.

iQIYI Video shows multi-language subtitles

No matter where you are and what language you use, I think most of the subtitles in iQIYI Video can meet your requirements. There are common languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese… The subtitles are displayed in appropriate colors and easy-to-see fonts and sizes. You may think this feature is so simple that every app has it. Nope. Well. I used to use some apps where the subtitles were presented in a poor font that made me very angry when watching the movie. But here, everything is very good.

Video presentation with full HD quality 

iQIYI Video delivers all high-quality videos in HD and above. The result of this careful input selection is a series of movies with very sharp pictures, beautiful clear colors, and good sound. You will never drop the mood while watching. Well. You know, watching movies is for relaxation, and there is nothing worse than watching bad images. Especially for the Chinese historical films where the scenery is majestic, the fierce battles are full of smoke and fire. If the movie quality is not beautiful, it is a waste.

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Find movies quickly, easy to filter movies, easy to track movie history

You are free to find videos to watch with the smart search feature in iQIYI Video. Just one keyword shows up, and a series of movie names with those words appear so you can click to choose without having to type all the exact lines.

The ability to filter movies is also highly appreciated. It has categories such as country of origin movies, movie genres, latest movies, and hot movies. Filtering from these available categories is enough for you to watch a huge number of movies.

In that process of scanning and finding movies, you can bookmark your favorite movies for later viewing. Movie viewing history from past to present is also displayed in the list. If the movie you are watching has a new episode, there is also a notification and a bookmark, therefore, you can easily see it later.

Also, using iQIYI Video, you can watch videos even in offline mode. This function is currently only available to VIP registered members. As a VIP member, you will be able to bookmark and save the video content you like, then download the latest episodes to watch anytime, anywhere, even in places without the internet.

Download iQIYI Video APK for Android

Of course, the strength of iQIYI Video is in shows, events, and movies originating in China. But almost all the hottest things in the world are here, not just Chinese movies. Therefore, if you are a big fan of Chinese movies and you don’t want to miss any interesting videos from many other countries, iQIYI Video is an ideal choice.

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