Is Bungie Down? How To Check Bungie & Destiny 2 Companion App Server Status


While server issues are a problem, Bungie are pretty good about correcting them.

Server issues are kind of just a given with how modern video games work. However, they are the least troublesome issue because it’s nothing the players need to fix themselves, but they are still annoying. Still, it is always good to be aware of when a game’s servers are having issues. Here’s how to check the Bungie and Destiny 2 Companion app server status to see if they are down.

How to Check Bungie & Destiny 2 Companion App Servers

The first stop you’ll want to make when trying to figure out anything about server issues will be the Destiny Server and Update Status page on the Bungie website. This will let you know about any maintenance happening and possible issues.

You can also check out the @BungieHelp Twitter account that will announce any known issues.

If that didn’t answer any questions, the next best place is Downdetector. While it won’t give you any sort of idea on a fix, the site works by taking reports from other players, so it will let you know for sure that the problem isn’t only affecting you.

Are the Bungie & Destiny 2 Companion App Servers Down

While neither of the Bungie resources shows any sort of problems currently, there is definitely something up. Downdetector shows that reports climbed to 7,700 in the last hour, meaning that something widespread is going on.

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As far as a solution goes, Bungie is performing maintenance until 11:00 am PDT, so while they said that there shouldn’t be any downtime, this problem is likely tied to that. So there’s a chance that things will be settling down as maintenance continues along or finishes up.

We will continue to monitor the situation and let you know if the issue gets any official response.

For now, that is everything you need to know about how to check the Bungie and Destiny 2 Companion app server status to see if they are down. In the meantime, you are welcome to sift through the links below for our recent Destiny 2 content.

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