Is Realm Royale Down? How to Check Realm Royale Server Status


A guide that explains how to check the server status for Realm Royale if it’s down.

Every game with online features needs to be maintained at some point, and Realm Royale is one of them. Sometimes bugs and exploits are found, so a patch is prepared to circumvent the issues. Other times it isn’t an issue, but the release of new content. It’s also possible your internet connection is working against you. But if you asked: is Realm Royale down? Here’s how to check Realm Royale server status.

Is Realm Royale Down?

As of 2:30pm (ET) on August 24, 2024, Realm Royale is not currently down. With that said, Realm Royale has recently been converted to Realm Royale Reforged, bringing tons of new content and features to the game you fell in love with. Expect the Realm Royale servers to go down for maintenance over the following weeks.

In the event that you have trouble connecting to the Realm Royale servers, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how to check the server status.

How to Check Realm Royale Server Status

The good news is, Hi-Res (that studio behind Realm Royale) makes it very easy to check the server status for Realm Royale and their other titles. Here’s what you do to check if Realm Royale is down:

  1. Open your preferred browser.
  2. Head over to Hi-Rez Studios’ official server status page.
  3. Among their properties, click on the small plus sign next to Realm Royale.

    In doing so, a drop down menu appears that shows the status of every supported platform.

  4. Locate the platform you play Realm Royale on.

    If it says “Operational” on the right, then you’re good to go.

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In the event that Realm Royale is down, Hi-Rez Studios will leave an incident report below. Just scroll down and you’ll see if any have been posted, along with past incidents, too. The incident reports aren’t just for posting current issues, but patches and maintenance as well. More importantly, Hi-Rez Studios will usually post an ETA on when the servers will be running again.

And that’s how to check Realm Royale server status if Realm Royale is down. If you’re still experiencing issues despite Realm Royale being operational, then it’s best to check your internet connection before sending in a bug report. For more on Hi-Rez Studios, check out the best characters in Rogue Company. If you prefer Smite, there’s a way to get the PTS on consoles.

Featured Image Source: Hi-Rez Studios

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