Is Realm Royale Getting A Reboot?

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Back in its heyday, Hi-Rez Studios’ own battle royale title, Realm Royale, was a hit amongst gamers. Set within the same world as another title of theirs, Paladins, Realm Royale was a Battle Royale game that had an emphasis on special powers and abilities as well as character classes, which made it a much-appreciated title in a saturated genre of games.

Fast-forward two years later, the game, though having a very dedicated player base of a few thousand a day, Realm Royale had seemingly dried up and mostly ceased to be as most gamers moved onto other titles in the genre or away from it entirely. With its social media accounts dormant since 2020, it also seemed as if the devs had all but forgotten about it too.

But then something changed, it started with mere rumblings and became something more. So, if you’re wondering if Realm Royale is getting rebooted, then we’ve got a lot to tell you.

Is Realm Royale Getting A Reboot?

It has been a busy one for both fans of the game as well as its developers. Back in July, the developers spoke about a new PTS (player test server) for something called Realm Royale Forge which had gone live. This came from a post on Discord, and the server ran from July 29th until August 1st. aside from that message, however, there really wasn’t much more brought up about the matter at all. This was interesting as there was next to nothing coming from the developers since February of 2020 in the Discord announcements page.

Following that, on August 19th, the official Realm Royale Twitter page had seen its first tweet since October of 2020, simply saying “bok”. That was followed up on the 20th with a tweet stating, “The Forges are heating up once again…”.

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This tweet sparked much excitement within the ongoing community as well as those who had fallen off of the game. To drum up even more hype, a new teaser was dropped yesterday (August 21) with a caption that hinted that tomorrow was a big day. And so it was.

The first tweet explained that the game would be undergoing maintenance and then three hours later came the big announcement. It was unveiled that Realm Royale was indeed coming back, branding itself as Realm Royale Reforged, the game will live on with a slew of new updates and in-game mechanics such as new combat abilities, and movement abilities, class weapons, class chests, and circle zone size changes.

What’s really exciting is, that Realm Royale Reforged is already available to play as of right now and is offering a bunch of free items for their loyal players and new ones alike. So there’s no better time than now to jump into the action for the new chapter in Realm Royale’s book.

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