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Posted on February 28, 2024

Kenny Omega

Tyson Smith, better known as Kenny Omega, is a Canadian professional wrestler. He was born on October 16, 1983, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and works for the NJPW Company. He was recently acknowledged as the IWGP’s United States Heavyweight Champion.

Kenny Omega, the current World Champion, was previously a PWG World Champion and an IWGP Intercontinental Champion. He has also been a two-time IWGP Semi-Fullweight Champion, the first and only IWGP Full-Weight Champion in the United States, a two-time Trios of Free Weight NEVER Champion, and an IWGP Half-Full-Weight Champion. He had won the 2016 G1 Climax as well as the Battle of Los Angeles.

This article contains the top 100 Kenny Omega Quotes that may inspire you to be more positive. Let’s get started.

  1. “New Day rocks. I can’t lie.”― Kenny Omega.

  2. “I actually work better within restrictions. When you leave everything wide open, things tend to get a little convoluted. So when you give me those restrictions and I start to use my brain creatively to work around those, that’s when things get interesting.”― Kenny Omega

  3. “It’s no secret that I love the country, and Japan has always felt like a second home to me.”― Kenny Omega


  5. “There are times you break up with a loved one, a friend, or whatever. You feel alone. It’s a very easy feeling to understand – the feeling of loss, heartache, and pain.”― Kenny Omega

  6. “Part of what makes my character work is the delivery of the truth behind my comments.”― Kenny Omega

  7. “I don’t like to risk – I’m actually not a tough guy at all, make no mistake about it, so I’m not going to do something that I’m scared of. So, if something looks dangerous, at the time I didn’t think it was, because I’m the first person to cower away from a risk of injury if there seems to be one.”― Kenny Omega

  8. “If I lose my confidence, then I’ll lose my way.”― Kenny Omega

  9. “I take a lot of pride in what I do.”― Kenny Omega

  10. “When I see Big E, I clearly see someone who could be world champion. The guy is on another level.”― Kenny Omega

  11. “The problem with Deep South to me is that there was a group that were tight with the boss, and they would always go out and drink and have barbeques. Then, when WWE would say, ‘Who should we look at?’ Bill Demott would say, ‘Oh, look at this guy and this guy.’ Of course those were his buddies.”― Kenny Omega

  12. “The Bullet Club has sort of become this pop-culture phenomenon. You don’t even have to like wrestling or follow our product, and you can wear a Bullet Club shirt, and it’s cool.”― Kenny Omega

  13. “Why use your natural abilities to make someone feel bad? I just want to be the guy who uses his power to be positive.”― Kenny Omega

  14. “I loved Japanese culture before even realizing it was, in fact, Japanese culture. The cartoons and anime I was watching as a child, my favorite video games, and even in pro wrestling – my favorite wrestlers and matches originated in Japan.”― Kenny Omega

  15. “Any time I broke through the ‘glass ceiling’ by accomplishing things that foreigners weren’t apparently able to do, they’ve been huge personal victories and career highlights for me.”― Kenny Omega

  16. “I have sort of made it my mission to be treated less as a foreigner, less as a guest.”― Kenny Omega

  17. “I could say, you know, if I could work with Seth Rollins at some point in time, that would be a lot of fun.”― Kenny Omega


  19. “Of course I’m not stupid enough to think that we could take on WWE head-on and win, because they’re too big of a monster.”― Kenny Omega

  20. “While I’m still healthy, while I still have ideas in this crazy head of mine, I want to contribute, and I want to do things that are going to make wrestling fans happy and are going to make new people into wrestling fans that were wrestling fans before. I want to contribute in that manner.”― Kenny Omega

  21. “I went from being a junior – and probably set to be Kushida’s arch-nemesis until the cows came home – to suddenly being vaulted into the heavyweight title picture for the Intercontinental championship. That taught me a lesson: I couldn’t put a limit on myself.”― Kenny Omega

  22. “Everything we do in general, there’s gonna be a percentage of risk. Me, making my entrance to the ring, there’s actually a percentage of risk I’m going to trip and fall and hurt myself. Me, getting up on the apron, there’s a percentage of risk.”― Kenny Omega

  23. “As a kid, when the neighbors were out playing street hockey or tackle football, my friends and I were in my basement with the NES/SNES.”― Kenny Omega

  24. “A lot of my main-event matches will last around the half-hour mark, and if you can have a variety of emotions within that half hour, that’s a great story from start to finish.”― Kenny Omega

  25. “A lot of people, especially performers in wrestling, feel that winning the title is the only statistic that matters, but it’s always about the journey. If you don’t have the people behind you, believing in you, and the start of a new chapter after winning the title, then you don’t have anything.”― Kenny Omega

  26. “We have a very physical performance art. A lot of times, when you want to achieve a certain emotion, you have to use professional wrestling ingredients, which are moves or a sequence of moves.”― Kenny Omega

  27. “Winning the title is an important detail to the story, but how you get there is much more important.”― Kenny Omega

  28. “I’ve always been on the outside looking in. I was never popular in school, despite my success in athletics. I would win track and field competitions, but I wouldn’t go to parties. I’d be alone.”― Kenny Omega

  29. “Okada and Tanahashi, they don’t mind being the wrestler that approaches everything day-of in the ring. I like to go in-depth, to tell the human side of Cody Rhodes, the human side of Kenny Omega. That’s why Being The Elite exists.”― Kenny Omega

  30. “If LGBT people can identify with our story, if they think, ‘The Golden Lovers are my team,’ I’m good with that.”― Kenny Omega

  31. “In WWE, a gay person is usually portrayed like some sort of comedy act to be mocked and laughed at. The world’s not like that anymore.”― Kenny Omega

  32. “I think it’s important to show in the 21st century that if you’re gay, lesbian, trans, whatever, that you should feel just as welcome to be a wrestling fan as anyone else. You’re welcome in the space.”― Kenny Omega

  33. “I have a vision for what I want wrestling to be, and I was fortunate not just to have the opportunity to show my talents at the right time, and not just to have the right opponents, and not just to have the knowledge that the front office has faith in me, but also the good fortune not to get hurt in the middle of all this.”― Kenny Omega

  34. “John Cena is one of the great WWE talents that I respect most. If I were to end up there, working with someone of his caliber would certainly be a goal and jive with my mission of changing wrestling.”― Kenny Omega

  35. “Since I’m not in WWE, some people think I’m not even in their league. It’s easy for me to tune those people out because they have no idea what they’re talking about.”― Kenny Omega

  36. “I’ll take all my matches against WWE’s best matches, I’ll put it up against Ring of Honor’s best matches, or whatever promotion you want, and I guarantee people will be more entertained with my matches than theirs.”― Kenny Omega

  37. “Learning Japanese was certainly a task, but my passion for the culture, as well as my will to communicate with fans and friends, always encouraged me to continue.”― Kenny Omega

  38. “I main-evented a sold-out Budokan Arena show; I participated in the first-ever ladder match in NJPW, made the transition from junior to heavyweight, and earned a G1 win with a series full of performances that I’m personally very proud of.”― Kenny Omega

  39. “It’s easy to make rude comments simply for the sake of being rude, but I’d much rather go a more psychological route.”― Kenny Omega


  41. “The best wrestler in the world is me.”― Kenny Omega

  42. “I am invading homes everywhere, all over the Internet and on TV – all you have to do is search the name, and you can find me anywhere, from New Japan World to Ring of Honor.”― Kenny Omega

  43. “If you’re holding a championship that means something in the landscape of Japanese wrestling, you’re guaranteed to get a huge feature in almost every magazine – you might even be guaranteed a front page. That’s big.”― Kenny Omega

  44. “What I’m trying to say, in general, I think, as long as you try as hard as you can and show that you can answer the call and run with the ball when you get it, there really is no limit.”― Kenny Omega

  45. “If people love you, if you’re making money, if the performances you have are unlike anything anyone has ever seen, you get put in a position to be the man.”― Kenny Omega

  46. “All I know is what I have been given and what opportunities lie before me. Try to make the best of them, and I’m not going to give up until I make it to the top.”― Kenny Omega

  47. “I guess what Kenny Omega is, even though the image is something that was given to me by New Japan and then tweaked by me, it’s just me, Tyson Smith. Yeah, that’s me, just a guy that likes to joke around when he doesn’t have to be serious. And when he has to be serious, he’s really serious!”― Kenny Omega

  48. “I sort of took the literal term of ‘The Cleaner,’ and I started bringing janitorial items to the ring with me, so I took garbage bags and brooms and mops.”― Kenny Omega

  49. “I have this original style that I want to show to the world. I don’t want to be kind of this beat-down, bruise-you-up kind of dude and have Karl Anderson cut all my promos for me. I don’t want to have to do that.”― Kenny Omega

  50. “Pentagon not only has the untrainable ‘It’ factor but also the rare ability to adapt and succeed wherever he competes. He has a unique charisma about him that fans connect with, and regardless of where he competes or what style is prominent, he seamlessly blends in – yet stands apart from everyone else on the card.”― Kenny Omega

  51. “Fans, wrestlers, and even the general public have been conditioned to believe that there’s an enormous skill gap between WWE and everyone else.”― Kenny Omega

  52. “I exposed myself, and I exposed my relationship and deep love and trust for Ibushi in front of the world. And we want to work together and change wrestling for a brighter future.”― Kenny Omega

  53. “I have things about me that I dislike; I’m not a perfect human being.”― Kenny Omega

  54. “I am flawed, but at least I can admit it, and at least Kenny Omega, Tyson Smith, is exposed to every single one of you, every single night I perform in the ring. And the relationships that I have in my life with the fans, they’re all with me. We are all family.”― Kenny Omega

  55. “Ibushi isn’t going anywhere. He’s staying with me, and I support his success 100%. But we will continue our success as the Golden Lovers, both as a tag team and as single performers.”― Kenny Omega

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