Lyle Waggoner Cause Of Death (How did he die?) Autopsy report

The heartthrob of America Lyle Waggoner cause of death was cancer. He was a comic performer and also popular for his role in Wonder Woman. ‘The Carrot Burnett Show’ came forward as a successful TV show during the 1970s period alongside his role on it. He is no more but has left behind a lot of admirers. People are curious about his death incident so more will be shared in detail underneath.

Lyle Waggoner cause of death

Lyle Waggoner got his first recognition because of his sweet-sounding voice. Later on, his work opposite Lynda Carter takes his fame to a new height. Everybody start to recognize him as a leading man in the American showbiz industry.

It happened to be a normal death for the artist. But the health complication was not that trouble-free for him. He died beside his family on March 17, 2020, at the family home in Los Angeles. The comic artist has left behind two children, his wife, and fans all around the globe.

How did he die?

Handsome Lyle Waggoner was battling cancer for the last few years. The well-known entertainer and founder of Star Waggons death are not so surprising for people who used to keep updated on his health condition. Lyle Waggoner has a peaceful death at his home in the area of Los Angeles.

It was a tough stage of his life. His last breath has been spent in the lap of his wife Sharon. She is 60 years old now and released a family statement after the death of her husband. A talented person like him will always be cherished for his works even after death.

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What happened?

Cancer is a deadly disease and that was killing Lyle Waggoner from inside. He was at the Los Angles house that he had bought back in the 1970s. Most of his old age was spent in this neighborhood even before diagnosing cancer.

His wife and family were there for him. It has been tough last few years for Lyle. In March 2020, the suffering end and Lyle Waggoner took off his soul to another world. The family later releases a statement confirming the death. A cloud of sadness came down to the heart of his well-wishers all over the world.

Autopsy report of Lyle Waggoner

There had been no need foran autopsy inLyle Waggoner’s death. He was playing hard against the deadly Cancer. The reason for his death is pretty obvious to everyone. He needed to keep afull-time physician check for the last couple of years.

Besides, there has been no fishy incident covering his death. So, he was buried without an autopsy. His funeral was attended by his close colleagues and families. No lack of love and affection in the air during the last goodbye. His fans mourn as he leaves us behind with his memory.


Lyle Waggoner had not been seen on the big events for the last few years. Everyone knows about his health condition but death is always a shock for the true fans. His fame and contribution will never be forgotten as long as the show industry stays uplifted.

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