Mutsuko Erskine Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki [Updated 2024]

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Posted on February 7, 2024

Mutsuko Erskine

Mutsuko Erskine is a Japanese-born actress from the United States. Maya Erskine, a writer, and filmmaker is her daughter.

Mutsuko appeared in her daughter’s show “PEN15.” On the show, she also plays Yuki Ishii-Peters’ mother, Yuki Ishii-Peters.

Erskine is also the wife of well-known drummer Peter Erskine.

Name Mutsuko Erskine
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Married/Single Married
Husband Peter Erskine
Children Maya Erskine
Instagram mutsyerskine

10 Mutsuko Erskine Facts

  1. Maya Erskine’s mother is Mutsuko Erskine. She is a member of the cast of the show “PEN15.” Mutsuko’s age and birth date, however, are still unavailable.
  2. Mutsuko is well-known for her acting abilities, but her Wiki page is still incomplete. The following page, however, summarizes numerous relevant information about the actress.
  3. When it comes to her family, Erskine is married to Peter Erskine. Similarly, Peter is a well-known jazz drummer. He used to be on the Weather Report.
  4. Mutsuko and Peter had a daughter named Maya Erskine. Maya went on to become an actress and writer. She is, in fact, a co-creator of the series “PEN15.”
  5. Mutsuko is a tall woman with a beautiful attitude. She is slightly shorter than her daughter, who stands at 1.6m.
  6. Erskine was born and reared in the Japanese capital of Tokyo. Her ethnicity is Japanese as well. She eventually relocated to Michigan, America, to pursue her acting career.
  7. Mutsuko Erskine’s net worth is still being estimated. However, according to an article, she and her spouse share an $82 million dollar wealth.
  8. With 866 followers on Instagram, the actress is a frequent user. You may find her on Twitter at @mutsyerskine.
  9. Mutsuko’s only notable role, according to her IMDb biography, was in the TV series PEN15. Similarly, in the show, she plays Yuki Ishii-Peters.
  10. Mutsuko mentioned in an interview that she can relate to the PEN15 character. Despite the fact that she has already lost her mother, she may be able to relate to the show’s mother-daughter relationship.
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