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Narelle Kheng and Benjamin Cayang are Singaporean siblings who have become internationally famous musicians. In fact, Narelle Kheng is known for her unique vocal style and deep musical roots. Both Narelle Kheng Wiki and Narelle Kheng Family are known to be a great support for one another. They have released numerous songs that have made the International Music Industry Award wining competitions. Narelle Kheng Wiki was even selected as a “Best Female Vocalist” at the 2021 Mela International Music Awards held in Malaysia.

Narelle Kheng has been practicing music ever since she was young. She first learned how to play the piano at the age of five, which was when she was already in high school. After high school, Narelle Kheng continued to hone her skills on the piano until she was twenty-one years old. During this time, Narelle Kheng gained lots of experience in playing the piano with her family and close friends. After this, Narelle Kheng then tried to enter various shows but she failed in every show that she entered. At this point, Narelle Kheng felt that she needed to give more effort in order to succeed in singing and playing the bass guitar.

First Name Narelle
Last Name Kheng
Profession Bassist
Age 25 years old
Birth Sign Libra
Birth Date September 24, 1993
Birth Place Singapore
Country Singapore

Narelle Kheng took up singing lessons from jazz vocalist Jonathan Chua. Narelle Kheng then went on to study opera and she even performed a Chinese opera. Narelle Kheng then spent several years in China, traveling to different cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. During this time, Narelle Kheng developed a strong relationship with Chinese people, and she was even able to win over the heart of the late Chinese President Hu Jintao. Narelle Kheng later went on to study musicology in Singapore at the University of Nairobi in Kenya.

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Narelle Kheng now has a music career as a social media influencer. Narelle Kheng helps other young women pursuing their music career to be aware about the different types of instruments that they need to master in order to achieve a successful music career. Narelle Kheng has also authored several books and song lyrics. Narelle Kheng’s newest book is entitled “How To Break Into Music”, which was released in October of last year. Narelle Kheng has become an important member of the Singapore musical scene, especially with the release of her first CD.

Narelle Kheng is a very accomplished singer and songwriter. Narelle Kheng is also very famous for her powerful performances on the Singapore song scene, especially in the past few years. Narelle Kheng has gone from being a mere solo artist, to recording albums with other Singaporean artists as well as internationally famous acts. Narelle Kheng has released her first solo album called “Singapore: Body Mind”, which was released in July of last year. Narelle Kheng will be embarking on her first worldwide tour in the coming months to promote her latest album.

Narelle Kheng will be performing along with her siblings Michael Chia and Leanne Wie. Narelle Kheng has recorded a number of singles including the popular song “Brighter” from her solo album “Singapore: Body Mind”, which was released in August last year. Narelle Kheng has also released a number of duets such as with her brother Michael Chia and her cousin Leanne Wie. Narelle Kheng’s single “Love Song” was featured on the “Chinese Super Stars – Chinese Music Boxer Radio Show” which was hosted by DJ Premier.

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