Nintendo Announces Splatoon 3 “Large-Scale Paid DLC”, Details Two Years Of Post-Launch Support

Splatoon 3
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To round out the Splatoon 3 Direct, Nintendo has confirmed that the game will get extensive post-launch updates comprising a consistently refreshing season catalogue, new items, game modes and a ‘large-scale paid DLC’.

Let’s begin with those updating seasonal catalogues. Nintendo has confirmed that instead of randomly generating new clothing items, Splatoon 3’s garments will be refreshed with a fresh new catalogue every three months for the next two years. Yep, two years! Now that’s a lot of crazy sandals.

The Direct also confirmed that new weapons would be releasing at a similar time to these catalogues, so those of you who are less fashion-oriented also have new toys and tactics to look forward to.

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In addition to these cosmetic post-launch updates, we now also know that Splatoon 3 will come to gain two further game modes: X Battle and League Battle. The former of these appears to be similar in nature to Anarchy Battle and will only be obtainable by achieving an extremely high rank in its predecessor. League Battle on the other hand will see players competing in teams based directly on their Anarchy Battle results — so you better get the grind in on this game mode before the new ones drop in the future.

As far as we know, the above additions will be part of free updates, but Nintendo also confirmed that a paid DLC — presumably along the lines of Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion in terms of scope — will become available at some point after the game’s release. We can’t be certain of what this will entail just yet, but that mysterious silhouette is giving us big Marina and Pearl vibes.

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As for post-launch content, that is all that has been revealed to us for now. However, with the rate that Splatoon 3 will churn out new things for us to do, we wouldn’t be surprised if more inky goodies come our way in the coming weeks before the game’s 9th September launch.

What update are you the most excited to try? Squid on down to the comments and let us know!

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