Paper Mario Tribute ‘The Outbound Ghost’ Gets Physical Release Date On Switch

Conradical Games’ The Outbound Ghost has been haunting our thoughts ever since it was confirmed to be coming to Switch, and we might not have too long to wait. Merge Games has confirmed it’s working on a physical release of the turn-based RPG, heavily inspired by Paper Mario, and we should be able to pick up a box of this ghostly adventure on 25th November.

Developer Conradical Games shared a launch trailer for the game yesterday — which is hovering over to PC via Steam, Epic, and GOG on 21st September. As for an eShop release, all we know so far is “later in 2024”, but if that 25th November physical date is true, then we imagine we’ll be seeing it before then.

Like its inspiration, and other brilliant paper-thin RPGs like Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling, The Outbound Ghost aims to charm with witty writing, colourful characters, and its interesting twist on the timing-based combat. Even in a world where ghosts embody regret, we think this is more than possible.

The Outbound Ghost Physical
Image: Conradical Games

The Switch physical release will cost £29.99 / €34.99 / $34.99 — worth the price of admission just to have a cute little ghost on your gaming shelf, we think.

Oh, and there’s also going to be a plushie of the game’s main character, available separately. We can’t wait to give him a little squeeze

Fingers crossed we get confirmation on a proper release date for The Outbound Ghost, as the physical release could be subject to change. Still, we’re excited to hear impressions from people who play the game on PC from 21st September.

Are you looking forward to The Outbound Ghost? Say “boo!” in the comments if you are!

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