Patricia Cornwall Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki [Updated 2024]

Patricia Cornwall – Biography

Patricia Cornwall worked as an actress and a playboy model in the past. On a Delta Airlines aircraft, she is accused of fighting and harming passengers and crew members. The plane was expected to land in Atlanta. In the footage, she can be seen urging an older passenger to’mask up.’

What is the Net Worth of Patricia Cornwall ? Salary, Earnings

Patricia Cornwell’s net worth is expected to be at $25 million in 2024.

Patricia Cornwall – Birth, Age, Ethnicity, Siblings, Parents

Los Angeles County, California native Patricia was born on November 27, 1970, in New York City. She is a 51-year-old divorced mother of two grown children (both of whom live in the United Kingdom) who has worked as a luxury property consultant for various realty firms since 2009. Cornwall had already been in the spotlight because to the use of the name Patty Breton. Patty Breton is an actress who has appeared in a number of films, including Playboy: Cheerleaders, Baywatch, and others. Cornwall uses the actress’s name on social media.

Quick Facts

Real Name Patricia Yannet Cornwall
Birth Date 27th November 1970
Age (as of 2024) 52 Years
Native Los Angeles County, California, United States
Nationality American
Profession Luxury Property Specialist
Religion Christianity
Sun sign Sagittarius

The Entire Story

Aboard the 23rd of December 2021, an incident occurred on a Delta flight from Tampa to Georgia. Patricia was accused of conjuring the names, hitting and spitting on a passenger, and breaking onto the flight, according to reports. Patricia Cornwall, a 51-year-old lady, was forced to spend her Christmas Day behind jail. On Monday, December 27th, 2021, she appeared in front of the court in Atlanta.

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She was later released on a $20,000 bond. She is currently prohibited from traveling on commercial airlines, with the exception of her return journey to Los Angeles. Patricia Yannet Cornwall is the name assigned to her by the federal court. Cornwall was also prohibited from consuming alcohol or narcotics. She can fly to Los Angeles and return to Georgia for court hearings, according to court guidelines. She is now taking her anxiety meds, which the court judge has also noted.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight, Hair color

Height in feet inches – 5’ 5” – in Centimeters – 165 cm
Weight in Kilograms – 58 kg  –  in Pounds –  130 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Body Type Slim


Patricia Cornwall was observed beating an old man who was eating and drinking while wearing his mask off on December 23, 2021. One of the passengers recorded the entire episode. The video has now gained a lot of attention. Patricia Cornwall may be seen on the video attempting to agitate the individuals around her. She drew attention to a regular practice of an old man eating while wearing his mask off. It was a self-evident move. However, she acted in such a way as to advise him while remaining true to her own judgment.

Social Media Retaliation

Patricia Cornwall was dubbed a ‘Karen’ by netizens as soon as the video went viral on social media. It’s an online slang term for a white, racist, and affluent lady who is more demanding than the average woman. The situation devolved into a heated debate between a large number of passengers aboard the flight at the time. Despite her request for the elder man to keep his mask on, she ironically removed her own mask to join in the argument. She shook her head at the man and yelled, “Put your f**king mask up!” She also shook her head at the passenger and added, “don’t you dare talk to me like that!” Patty screamed at everyone as if she were the only one on the plane. She forced everyone to leave their comfort zones and face her for the debate.

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Cornwall also used physical violence. She slapped the man, spit in his face, and pointed her finger at him for not covering his mouth. The surroundings, on the other hand, became vibrant and charged with rage. The crew members made every effort to restore calm to the flight while also allowing the lady to remain patient. As soon as the plane touched down, police seized her. She was then sent to the FBI for further investigation. Her social media video of her struggling with the elderly figure has gone viral. People are arguing that she should not be allowed to fly to other places. Legal proceedings have begun, and she has already been charged with felonies and other offenses. She also stands for battery felony, which is the apparent one, in addition to criminal assault.

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