Phoebe Adele Gates Net Worth, Bio, Family, Education [Updated 2024]

Biography of Phoebe Adele Gates

Phoebe Adele Gates is the youngest daughter of Bill Gates, an American businessman and philanthropist, and his wife, Melinda Gates. Her parents have done all possible to keep their children out of the public eye and to allow them to grow normally like other youngsters.

Age|Birthday of Phoebe Adele Gates

Adele was born in Medina, Washington, on September 14, 2002. In 2019, she will be 17 years old. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Every year on September 14th, she celebrates her birthday.

Gates, Phoebe Adele Height

If her images are any indication, she is rather tall in comparison to her surroundings. However, information on her true height and other bodily measurements is now unavailable to the public. We’re keeping an eye on things and will update this post as soon as new information becomes available.

Grandparents of Phoebe Adele Gates

William H. Gates Sr. and Mary Maxwell Gates are Phoebe’s paternal grandparents, while Raymond Joseph French Jr. and Elaine Agnes Amerland are her maternal grandparents.

Family of Phoebe Adele Gates

Adele Gates is the power couple’s youngest child, with an elder sister named Jennifer Katharine Gates and an elder brother named Rory John Gates.

Gates, Phoebe Adele Bill Gates, Sr.

Bill Gates is a well-known business leader around the world. Gates is the founder and CEO of Microsoft Corporation, a corporation worth $753 billion that is on the cusp of becoming the next trillion-dollar enterprise. Throughout his career, Bill has also worked as a principal software architect.

Microsoft Corporation is one of the largest, if not the largest, PC software companies in the world, making Bill billions of millions each year. However, Microsoft has its own set of controversies, such as the adoption of business techniques that limit other businesses’ ability to compete with Microsoft, allowing Microsoft to hold a monopoly over the PC software sector. As a result, he is now one of the world’s top two richest persons.

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Education of Phoebe Adele Gates

Phoebe Adele Gates attends Professional Children’s School in New York. She is also passionate about ballet and takes art classes at The School of American Ballet at New York City’s prestigious Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts complex. In addition, The Julliard School at Lincoln Center Plaza in New York features alumni like Jessica Chastain and Robin Williams.

Jennifer, her older sister, is an equestrian rider who studied biology at Stanford University. Her brother, Rory, recently graduated from Lakeside School, a prestigious private school in Seattle that his elder sister and father also attended.

Quick Fact

  • Full Name: Phoebe Adele Gates
  • Age/ How Old?: 17
  • Date of Birth: September 14, 2002
  • Place of Birth: Updating
  • Education‎: Professional Children’s School in New York.
  • Birthday: Updating
  • Nationality: American
  • Father’s Name: Bill Gates
  • Mother’s Name: Melinda Gates
  • Siblings: Jennifer And Rory

Gates, Phoebe Adele Social media

Phoebe Adele Gates, the youngest child of Bill and Melinda Gates, has attracted media attention since her birth in 2002. Her parents, on the other hand, lead fairly private lives, so she and her siblings were able to avoid the spotlight for a long period. She only made a few appearances in the media during their family holidays during most of her life.

It didn’t help that her father forbade the kids from using cellphones or other electronic devices until they were 13 years old. As a result, unlike most youngsters her age, she does not have a social media account or use the internet. When Phoebe’s older sister Jennifer turned 19, she joined Instagram and began uploading photos from various occasions in her life, which occasionally contained photos of other members of the Gates family, including Phoebe.

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Given that the trained ballet dancer is already 16, there is a significant likelihood that she will soon grace the internet with images from her performances in the same way that her sister Jennifer posts her horse-riding picture.

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