Random: Nintendo Teams Up With Baskin Robbins To Make Inkable Splatoon Ice Cream


Last month, Nintendo and the US chain Cold Stone Creamery teamed up to make Kirby ice cream. This month, it’s Baskin Robbins’ turn to make Splatoon-themed ice cream ahead of the imminent release of Splatoon 3. And while the Kirby ice creams sounded delicious… these ones let you decorate the sweets with blue and yellow ink!

There are a number of different desserts that are on offer, from a small ice-cream cake with Splatoon characters on it to a limited-edition Splatoon flavour of ice cream: Ikasu Soda & Grape (“ika” is the Japanese for “squid”, so it’s a fun play on words). Even if you don’t want the squid flavour, you can get Splatoon-themed cups (one of three designs) or a variety pack, which comes with eight flavours and a Splatoon box.

The coolest thing, in our opinion, is the jelly soda, which is a vibrant yellow-blue lemonade float with popping candy that comes with two flavours of jelly to pour over the top: Grape and lemon.


Sadly, the Splatoon desserts are Japan-only… but if you happen to be in Japan right now, you can sample the inky delights at Baskin Robbins (known as “31” in Japan) from September 1st. More information is available on the website.

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