Random: These Pokémon Cushions Offer The Perfect Post-Training Relaxation

Pokémon Plushie
Image: Sanei Boeki

Here at Nintendo Life, we love Pokémon merchandise. There was the life-sized Lucario plushie that we were fawning over this month and who can forget the giant Snorlax bed? What we struggle to get over, however, is when these adorable collectables are available only in Japan (please, TPC, we need them).

As of today, we have another example to add to this rapidly growing list as Sanei Boeki has revealed its two super-cuddly Pokémon cushions featuring Dedenne and Rowlet (thanks, Nintendo Soup).

These ‘Potehagu cushions’ are the latest in a line of bean-filled plushies modelled on the cutest Pokémon. The Pikachu and Cyndaquil, which launched earlier this year sure are a tough act to follow, but this new range might just beat its predecessor with the Pokémons’ spherical shape providing maximum squeeze.

The Dedenne and Rowlet and cushions are launching in mid-November in Japan for 5,500 yen (approximately £34/$40) and worldwide shipping is, as of yet, unavailable. While there is no guarantee that these pretty plushies will see the light of day in the international market, we have seen Pokémon merchandise become increasingly available a few short weeks after their Japanese release. So we won’t give up hope just yet.

What do you make of these cuddly cushions? Let us know in the comments below!

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