Richmond Police Officer Shot and Critically Wounded; Suspect Identified

A Richmond police officer Seara Burton was critically shot during a traffic stop on Wednesday evening near 12th Street. The suspect has been identified as Philip M. Lee of Richmond. The critically injured police officer is currently “fighting for her life.” Read on to know more.

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“She is in very critical condition fighting for her life,” said Richmond Police Chief Mike Britt in a statement. “Those of you who pray I ask you to pray for her, because she can use it,” he added.

She is currently admitted to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Whereas, the suspect is in custody after getting treatment for minor injuries caused by the retaliation of police officers. The Wayne County Prosecutor will determine charges upon review of the case.

Seara Burton, Richmond Police Officer, Shot During a Traffic Stop

Seara Burton, a Richmond Police Officer, was shot during a traffic stop near 12th Street and C Street in Richmond at approximately 6:30 PM on Wednesday. She was flown to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, for treatment of injuries

According to the Indiana Fraternal Order of Police, Burton is undergoing surgery. The police stated Burton responded to a call from other officers to help with a traffic stop at North 12th Street and C Street.

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Burton’s K9 partner Brev indicated the possible presence of narcotics sniffing around the moped of the suspect. When the officers were talking with Lee, he pulled out a firearm and shot several rounds toward the officers. Burton was struck and Lee tried escaping the scene on foot.

Who is Seara Burton?

Sears Burton is a 28-year-old police officer in Richmond who was shot on Wednesday during a traffic stop. She is a four-year veteran in the service and was recently elevated to the K-9 unit. Burton is a K-9 handler and was with her K-9 partner Brev at the scene of the shooting.

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Chief Britt also revealed that Burton is engaged and supposed to get married next weekend. However, she is currently “fighting for her life” at the medical facility after getting critically wounded.

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Britt also stated that the entire department suited up to come to the scene and offer help in response to the incident. He revealed that the department was devastated and calls Burton a “fine officer.”

Richmond Mayor Dave Snow also expressed his grief on the incident. “Tonight our deepest thoughts and deepest prayers are with Officer Burton and her family,” he said.

Suspect Philip M. Lee Caught and Sent for Treatment

When the suspect Philip M. Lee opened fire on Burton, other officers on the scene returned fire. The shots struck Lee but he ran off. Officers were able to catch him and send him into custody after a short foot chase.

Lee was first transported to Reid Hospital in Richmond for treatment of the gunshot wounds by the officers. However, the police didn’t reveal how many times he was shot. He has now been arrested on probable cause.

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The State police have taken over the investigation. According to them, there was only one suspect in the incident and there is no threat to the community at this time. The Wayne County Prosecutor will determine the charges Lee will face.

Who is Philip M. Lee?

Philip M. Lee is the suspect in the Richmond Police Officer shooting incident that took place on Wednesday, August 10, 2024. He is 47 years old and a resident of Richmond.

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He opened fire on officer Seara Burton when her K-9 partner Brev indicated the presence of narcotics on his moped.

He tried escaping the scene of the crime on foot after other officers returned fire. However, he was caught and sent into custody after a short foot chase. No other details about Lee are available at the time of writing.

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