River City Girls 2 Release Window Shifts To “Sometime After” Summer 2024

River City Girls 2
Image: WayForward

If you’ve been anticipating WayForward’s upcoming beat ’em up sequel River City Girls 2, we’ve got an update.

Following on from last week’s December release date for Japan, the company’s official social media account has now confirmed the game will be arriving “sometime after” its originally expected “late summer 2024” release window in North America.

To balance out the news, it showed off the game’s cover art:

It seems we’ve hit the crunch time of the year for many game developers, with Firaxis yesterday announcing it had decided to delay the release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns (again). River City Girls is currently scheduled to launch in Japan on 1st December, according to Famitsu.

Are you looking forward to trying out this Kunio-kun spin-off when it eventually surfaces on the Switch? Comment down below.

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