Simone Johnson teases her presence at the NXT Women’s Breakout tournament

Rock’s daughter Simone Johnson reacts to a fan asking to add her at the NXT Women’s Breakout tournament 

The Rock’s daughter Simone Johnson began her training at the Performance Center in 2020, and now she wants to compete at the NXT Women’s Breakout tournament at WWE NXT Spring Breakin’.

Simone Johnson is the daugher of the Rock and recently signed for the WWE
Simone Johnson is the daughter of WWE legend, The Rock (WWE)

A fan recently took to Twitter and commented on a tweet that mentioned the upcoming NXT Women’s breakout tournament. The fans asked for Simone to be a part of it as well. 

Please, for all of the fans, put @SimoneGJohnson in this tournament! It’s Time!!!!

Johnson saw the tweet and was quick to respond to it as well. She asked WWE to listen to the people and clarify that she wanted to be part of the tournament. 

listen to the people


She has been working hard at the WWE performance centre, improving her skills. But we will have to wait and watch when she makes her in-ring debut in WWE.

Simone Johnson had some tough luck due to her knee surgeries

The Rock’s daughter Simone Johnson had to face some tough luck as she went under the knife again on her knee. She is just 19 years old and has already gone for her third knee surgery. 

According to PWInsider, Simone went to Birmingham to get her surgery done by one of WWE’s favourite surgeons Dr Jeffrey Dugas. 

This was the statement,

“WWE NXT developmental talent Simone Johnson had knee surgery at the start of the week in Birmingham as well.” 

She even took to Twitter and asked for some video game suggestions. It was back in 2020.

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so tomorrow i’m having knee surgery for the third time. as not fun as surgery is, i’m looking forward to my knees not popping out anymore that said, please send me video games suggestions, movie suggestions (preferably scary) or anything else to help pass the time

It is the first time WWE will hold the first-ever NXT Women’s Breakout Tournament in two weeks. Arianna Grace is the only competitor announced for the tournament so far. Lash Legend also confirmed her participation.

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