Soul Hackers 2 Demon Recon Icons Explained


This handy explainer will tell all about Demon Recon Icons because the game makes you search for it.

At the beginning of Soul Hackers 2, players are introduced to the Demon Recon system. This sends their demons to spread out across a dungeon and offer different things to the player when found. However, the game doesn’t explain everything to this system and it can be a little confusing when starting out. Here’s our full explanation of the Demon Recon icons you will encounter in Soul Hackers 2.

Demon Recon Icons

There are some things that Soul Hackers 2 hides in the menu for you to look up yourself, but Demon Recon is too important to waste time guessing.

Key Item

Key Item Icon

This icon will either mean you’ve found the necessary item for the story mission/request, or it will be an item that unlocks a hangout event at Bar Heidrun with some of your party members.


Item Gift Icon

These are when you will either get money or some basic item. If this icon has a different border it means it will be a rare item.

Demon Negotiation

Demon Negotiation Icon

This icon means your demon will introduce you to a demon you can add to your party if you have what they want. Same as with the Item/Money icon, a different border means it will be a rare demon.

There is no guarantee that this won’t be a demon you already have. If that is the case, the demon will typically give you money and disappear.

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Recovery Icon

This icon means your demon will heal your MP or HP. There are passive skills you can learn that will increase the healed amount.

All Other Icons in Soul Hackers 2 Dungeons & What They Mean

Request/Aion Directive Enemy

Enemy Iconq

Spawned enemies will have this icon above their head to let you know that the fight is guaranteed to involve a demon you need to beat for a request. This keeps you from blindly starting fights in the hopes you may possibly get to fight a demon you need.

Request Mini-Boss Fight

Scripted Fight Icon

This icon will be seen when you have a specific enemy to beat. It is most often seen above targets for specific Aion Directives in the Soul Matrix. Though, it does occasionally come up in some requests. When you see this icon you know that you have the opportunity to prepare for the fight and can start it whenever you are ready.

That is our full explanation of the Demon Recon icons you will encounter in Soul Hackers 2. Be sure to look over the links below for more on Soul Hackers 2. We are sure to be working on new guides up until release and further so be sure to stick around.

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