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Stuart Williamson-Biography

Stuart Williamson, 56, was scheduled to stand trial in April for the murder of Diane Douglas of Colton, near Norwich. Last November, authorities discovered Douglas’s body while searching the grounds of the house they were involved in Colton, near Norwich. Williamson had been apprehended by police in Wales just a few days before.

Diane was killed in December 2018, but Williamson believed she was still alive because she used her phone to message people.

When his family eventually disclosed his absence last winter, the investigation was initiated. Stuart Williamson Death News: Murder or suicide? According to police, Stuart Williamson, of Barford Road, Colton, was discovered dead in his cell at HMP Norwich on December 29, 2021.

Aside from that, as the inquiry continues, very little news of his death has been reported to the public. He’s been in preventive detention since November, waiting for his head, which should come soon.

Before the Douglas variety was discovered, specialists from the Norwich and Suffolk primary investigative team submitted an involuntary manslaughter assessment after she was reported missing by family members on October 21, 2021.

Her relatives told police they hadn’t seen her in a “giant period of time,” and that they hadn’t communicated with her in several years. After several attempts to contact her were unsuccessful, her family members determined she was missing.

Stuart Williamson: What became of Diane Douglas’ suspected murderer? On December 29, 2021, around 17:00 GMT, Start Williamson was allegedly discovered dead in his detention cell. He was accused of murdering his accomplice and concealing her body in the nursery.

Colton has been charged with murder. Stuart Williamson has been discovered dead in a Norwich jail cell @DeadWomenCount @JeanHatchet @JMoncktonSmith @onein4

(@oneofthe6m) — L. Snowflake 14th of January, 2024

He was apprehended in Wales nine days later and sent to Norwich to be boarded. The remaining portions of Diane Douglas were recovered on November 3rd, after comprehensive searches of Williamson’s residence.

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Investigators from the Norfolk and Suffolk Main Investigation Team pursued him around Meadow Farm, where he vanished, and onto a home on Barford Road in Colton.

The police’s scientific inquiry in the area focused on a nursery site near a farm on the outskirts of the forest. Douglas would have been 55 or 56 years old at the time of his death in 2018. However, a posthumous report from the Ministry of the Interior was unable to determine the reason for the death.

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