Super Smash Con Celebrates All Things Smash Bros. Until August 14th (US)

Smash Bros Melee
Image: Nintendo

EVO 2024 provided many great fighting moments this year, but one major title missing from the event was Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Nintendo appears to have moved on, instead choosing to host its own events.

Fortunately, there are other events stepping up, and one of them is Super Smash Con – taking place at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, VA. It runs from August 11th through to August 14th and will host thousands of fans with live competitions, music and more.

It’s not just Ultimate, either – the event has tournaments for many of the past Smash games including Brawl, the Wii U version and Melee, where “world-class talent” such as Hungrybox is competing. Adding to the fun is a marketplace, indie games, and even arcades.

You can learn more about Super Smash Con including general information and tournament rules in the FAQ section of its official website. There’ll also be livestreams on the VGBootCamp Twitch channels, if you can’t make the event.

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