Tempo 3.8.0 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) Download

Tempo MOD APK is a mobile music video creation and editing application that has a lot of color effects and stylish transitions. With the help of Tempo, you can get a “mountain of Likes” on social networks.

Introduce about Tempo

Application to create and edit excellent music videos!

You know, video is the trend and future of social networks. You need to master how to make videos right now. The easiest way to start with a music video is to create and edit videos through the utility tools available in the Tempo application.

Tempo and its differences

Tempo is an application for creating and editing music video files. Through this application, you can easily add music to your videos and create unique interesting types of videos from a series of photos or videos available on your device.

The first special feature in Tempo is probably “the abundance”. With many unique and modern video effects and transitions in different themes and styles, the app will help you create all your own style videos so quickly. Rich music store which is constantly updated is also a strength of Tempo.

And if you don’t want to manually edit your video by each step, Tempo also has a built-in template mode for themes of love, lyrics, emoticons, cartoons… Just click, and you can get what you want without thinking too much.

Face swap feature

In Tempo, there is also a super cool feature: swapping faces. You can swap your face with famous idols or movie characters. There are also cute face stickers and corresponding filters for this feature. Imagine one day you appear on a social network with a strange face, your friends will be surprised and delighted.

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Create and edit music videos

This is Tempo’s strongest feature. In the application, there is a variety of basic to advanced editing tools so that users can quickly cut, merge, reverse, rotate video clips or images. Then add music to complete the video.

To better edit these videos, Tempo also offers an impressive series of Video Effects specialized for editing short videos. And it is also possible to add stickers and text to any position in the video. You will quickly get the result of an edited video within a few notes. Believe me, it will be so beautiful and impressively smooth.

Transitions are also an important factor. These effects will help you connect many images, many small clips together seamlessly, you will no longer feel interrupted or sudden transition. I have used a lot of video editing apps, almost every application has these transition effects, but Tempo is quite complete as it provides more effects and is richer in both way of transitions and transition styles. Your video then will have a modern and personal color, not the usual styles of the past.

But it’s still not done, you need to add background music to your video to complete it. Tempo’s available copyright music store will give you a lot of rich choices with all kinds of music styles.

Save and export high-quality video files

The finished video can be output in HD 720P/1080P format, without loss of any quality of the original. You can choose to save the video to any location on your mobile or directly share it on social networks.

Download Tempo APK & MOD for Android

Tempo is a small application, but its effect is not small. You’ll get thoughtfully edited videos with a wide range of stylish, modern video effects and transitions and whatever music you like. If you need to make/edit music videos, remember to use Tempo at this link.

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