Temtem Shows Off Version 1.0 Features, Launching On Switch Next Month

Temtem Starters

If you’re looking for more Monster battle games later this year, one game you might want to keep an eye on is the massive multiplayer creature collecting game Temtem.

It’s scheduled to be released on the Switch on 6th September. Ahead of its launch, publisher Humble Games has uploaded a new trailer showcasing all the features players can expect in Version 1.0. This version lines up with the Nintendo Switch release.

The features coming at the launch of 1.0 include Seasons (seasonal updates including a battle pass), endgame content (a final island featuring activities and more), and a premium store, featuring cosmetic items.

You can learn more about this game in our extensive feature interview with the developer:

Will you be giving this game a go when it arrives on Switch? Tell us below.

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