The Best Build for Collei in Genshin Impact


Walk softly and carry a big bow.

A new update in Genshin Impact always means new characters, and Collei was introduced with the 3.0 update that added Sumeru to the game. Players who get their hands on Collei will find she is an exciting addition to a party, acting as a quality sub-DPS, and highly suitable to support Electro characters who want to take advantage of new synergies like Quicken.

Collei Abilities

Before looking at the best build for Collei, it is important to know her abilities. As stated earlier, she makes for a good sub-DPS and can easily back up other characters in your party. Keep in mind that while Collei is a character with “cute” abilities, that doesn’t mean she cannot do plenty of damage.

Elemental Skill – Floral Bush

Collei throws out a Floral Ring that deals one instance of Dendro DMG to targets it comes into contact with. The Floral Ring will return after a set time, dealing Dendro DMG once again.

Elemental Burst – Trump-Card Kitty

Throws the doll named Cuilein-Anbar, causing an explosion that deals AoE Dendro DMG, creating a Cuilein-Anbar Zone. Cuilein-Anbar will bounce around within this zone, dealing AoE Dendro DMG.

Best Weapons for Collei

How to get Collei in Genshin Impact Version 3.0

If you are looking to do damage with Collei, then any five-star weapon will be a great choice. Hunter’s Path, Skyward Harp, Aqua Simulacra, Polar Star, Amos’ Bow, and Thundering Pulse will all be fine options if you have them. The Blackcliff and the Stringless are also solid options for a damage build.

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For more support-oriented builds, things like the Elegy for the End, Fading Twilight, Favonius Bow, or the Sacrificial Bow will all help with her energy recharge.

Best Artifacts for Collei

For Artifact, Collei can take advantage of the new Deepwood Memories set if you plan on running her with a Dendro-focused primary damage character. The set will give her 15% more Dendro damage at two pieces, but at four pieces, it will allow her to use her Skill and Burst to cause a 30% reduction in enemy Dendro resistance, perfect for following up with a more powerful Dendro damage character. This Artifact Set can be obtained from the Spire of Solitary Enlightenment, found at the east of Avidya Forest, north of the tunnel where you enter from The Chasm.

Another good option is the Emblem of Severed Fath, available from the Momiji-Dyed Court in Inazuma. This will increase elemental burst damage based on your energy recharge, a stat you want to build for support Collei.

Now that you have details of some of the best build options for Collei be sure to check out some fantastic build choices for Tighnari, her friend and instructor. Together, they can make quite the combination on the battlefield.

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