The Best The Last of Us Moments We Can’t Wait to Replay on PS5

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If you are anything like us then over the last nine years you’ve likely enjoyed countless playthroughs of Naughty Dog’s PlayStation classic, The Last Of Us. But that doesn’t stop us from being incredibly excited by the prospect of the full PS5 remaking which is making its way to us on 2nd September.

As one of the greatest stories to ever grace the medium, naturally there are quite a few memorable moments across its 15 or so hour campaign. There is heartbreak, action, horror, and wholesome moments-a-plenty, and each promises to be made all the better with an overhaul to gameplay, the inclusion of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, and of course those gorgeous graphics.

The whole prospect had us reminiscing about our favourite moments from the game, and if you head on over to the Push Square YouTube channel, you can find seven of those moments that we’ve picked out as the best!

The remastered version of the game on PS4 is already an absolute stunner, but it will be interesting to see how the entire experience is amplified thanks to the power of the PS5. With the small comparisons we’ve seen so far, it’s already shaping up to be the best looking game on the console, and the idea of revitalised gameplay could seriously shake it all up in a massive way.

Let us know some of the moments you are particularly excited to replay in the upcoming remake! We know there are plenty of cracking levels and scenes that weren’t included in this list, but we had to stop somewhere before just listing the entire thing from start to finish!

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