The One That Got Away Where Are They Now? Where Are The Couples From The One That Got Away?

The One That Got Away

Contestants on the reality dating series The One That Got Away have a second chance at love by going back to their past dates. Finding The One That Got Away could seem like an insurmountable challenge, but for these fortunate singles, their fantasy comes true. Six people looking for their soul mate have the opportunity to explore a lifetime of untapped connections in this time-traveling, experimental dating series, hosted by singer/songwriter Betty Who. One by one, persons from their pasts surprise them and attempt to win their affection through “The Portal.”

The One That Got Away Where Are They Now?

S.No Names Of The Contestants
1 Ashley and Quinn
2 Nigel and Dezi
3 Vince and Yurika
4 Jeff and Alex
5 Allyssa and Adam
6 Kasey and Simon

Where Are The Couples From The One That Got Away?

Amazon Prime Video’s “The One That Got Away” is unlike any other reality dating series since it explores the pasts of a group of single people in order to help them find their future—true love—in the present. Instead of interactions with strangers, it mostly focuses on second chances and missed connections, creating bonds—whether platonic or romantic—that are wholly wholesome. So, now that we’ve witnessed the amazing course of season 1, let’s find out exactly what its final couples, as well as a few other important cast members, are getting up to these days.

Are The One That Got Away Couples Still Together?

Ashley and Quinn

Despite their best attempts, Ashley and Quinn left the set of Episode 8 before their relationship appeared to be still intact. It looks like they are still on good terms because they still follow one other on social media. In August 2024, Ashley will also give birth to a child, but she hasn’t yet said who the father is.

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Nigel and Dezi

It seems as though Nigel and Dezi are no longer together. They underwent a lot of hardships together and left the show’s finale to work on their relationship. There isn’t much information about Dezi online, but Nigel seems to have moved back to Los Angeles, where he is still employed in real estate and online business.

Vince and Yurika

Everyone wanted Vince and Yurika to find true love because of their chemistry. The two reconciled through slow dances and stargazing after being cut off from one another for more than ten years. As a result, Vince got down on one knee and proposed during the show’s finale.

Although it’s unclear if they are still dating or engaged, dating after the show may have been difficult for the couple. Since Vince lives in Los Angeles and Yurika lives in New York City, if Vince and Yurika are still together, it looks from their Instagrams that they may be in a long-distance relationship. We’ll keep our positive outlook.

Jeff and Alex

Years ago, Jeff and Alex were “besties with benefits,” but after they shared screen time, Jeff decided to take things a step further and proposed to Alex in the season finale. However, social media doesn’t make it apparent whether these two are still dating.

Allyssa and Adam

By the series’ conclusion, Adam had presented Allyssa with a promise ring. In the epilogue, he promised her, “I’m always going to support you and I’m always going to be there for you. No matter what occurs or where life leads us, I make this vow to you. All of this suggests that the relationship between the two is still solid, but Allyssa and Adam haven’t provided an official relationship status update.

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Kasey and Simon

After the show’s conclusion, Kasey and Simon vowed to continue their relationship in the real world but were not committed to one another. It’s possible that they’re still together even though the two haven’t revealed anything about whether they were able to keep their romance going off-screen. We’ll only need to monitor their social media pages closely.


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