The Polish American Football League

The season in the Polish League of American Football has opened. The Olsztyn Lakers, who played on the second front, defeated the Wataha 36:8 in Zielona Góra at the inauguration. The victory at the opening is a good prognosis because the Olsztyn team has big aspirations after the personnel changes. Olsztyn Lakers, founded in 2010, is an American football team from Olsztyn. The club participates in the American Football League (AFL). Previously the team played in the Polish American Football League (PAFL). 

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American footballers from AZS UWM Olsztyn Lakers started their league match. After a few years of break, the Olsztyn team returned to the competition of 11-person teams. The new Lakers coach, American Matthew Kershey, seems to be a strong point and a talisman for the team. He is a known figure among Polish fans of American football. In the past, Kershey played and coached the Angels Toruń team. The new coach is not the only American accent in the Lakers. Linebacker Alonzo Brock, who previously represented Kentucky State University, Detroit Cougars, and Krakow Kings, joined the team too.

There are nine teams in PFL2 in total, divided into two groups. The Lakers will face Wataha Zielona Góra, the Poznań Army and the White Lions of Gdańsk. The Olsztyn Lakers will play their first home game in PFL2 in mid-May against Wataha Zielona Góra.

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As we have already mentioned, the Olsztyn Lakers started the season with a confident victory in the match against Wataha Zielona Góra. At the very beginning of the first quarter, the Polish quarterback, playing with the number 13, Artur Paź, showed a prominent 40-yard touchdown run. For 2 points, Alonso Brock raised the number 15. Even before the end of the first quarter, the Lakers had a chance to increase their lead, but an unlucky snap moving them back a dozen yards made the situation significantly harder, and the team had to give the ball back to the hosts.

Things got even more complicated when the QB Lakers, trying to avoid the sack, threw the ball, intercepted by DB Wataha’s number 16 Maciej Piątak. Piątak ran into the end zone with the intercepted ball, scoring his first Pick-6 of the season. However, it was the only touchdown gained by Wataha in this match. The Olsztyn Lakers offensive line, well disposed on that day, gave his QB plenty of time for long passes, which Artur Paź used diligently. The optimal attack line stance also allowed Alonso Brock to have dominant runs in the middle where far more than one defender is needed to stop. In addition, Alonso Brock reported in the end zone in the second quarter after an accurate pass from Artur Paź.

It was just the inauguration, but the fans could already experience unbelievable emotions during this match. The start of the season was very successful, so the upcoming games will surely be able to offer a delightful experience for fans of American football as well.

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