Top 10 PS5 Platinums for Beginners

Platinum Trophies are the immensely popular reward for gaming completionists that love to boast about their achievements. It’s a digital manifestation of one’s love for a game, where you have combed through each and every inch of content that it has to offer. However, Platinum Trophies come in varying levels of difficulty, with the most rare featuring intense collectathons and impossibly difficult combat challenges. With so many tough Platinums out there, it makes it hard to break into the game.

But that’s why we’ve crafted up a video over on the Push Square YouTube channel, covering the exact kind of Platinums that are perfect for new trophy hunters on PS5. However, we haven’t just gone for the easiest out there. This isn’t a list of 10 “tap this jar of mayonnaise” type games. Instead, we’ve opted for a sliding scale of difficulty going from 1 to 10, with each platinum getting that little bit harder.

The plan overall is to include games that are approachable and fun, because you don’t want to put yourself off with a Platinum hunt that is way too intense. However, if you work your way through these 10 PS5 Platinums, you will be primed and ready to take on the more difficult challenges.

Regardless of whether you continue on your Platinum pursuit, you’ll have an absolute blast working your way through what also happens to be some of the best games available on the platform. Let us know down below which Platinums you would recommend and why.

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