Tower of Fantasy: Where to Find Portunids


In this guide, we’ll show you the exact locations where wanderers can find and collect Portunids in Tower of Fantasy.

Cooking is an integral part of many RPG titles, and Tower of Fantasy is no exception. The game features a handful of ingredients that wanderers can use to cook a variety of dishes and gain health benefits. One such ingredient is portunids which are used for cooking a special dish called Steam Carb. Since the ingredient can be found at certain locations, they can be tricky to find. With that said, we’ll show you the exact locations where to find portunids in the Tower of Fantasy if you’re struggling.

Tower of Fantasy Portunids Location Guide

Tower of Fantasy – Portunids Location Guide
Image source: Tower of Fantasy Interactive Map

Portunids are commonly found in the southern region of the Aesperia map, nearby places like Fiendish Swamp, Seaforth Dock, Transport Hub, and more. Besides this, the critter also spawns on the Rusty Belt island near the Football field and Barrenstown. According to the Tower of Fantasy interactive map, portunids spawn across 40 different locations. We’ve also marked the pinpoint locations of the ingredient in the above image.

We highly recommend farming portunids near the beach in the southern areas of the Aesperia map as wanderers can obtain them in a huge amount without traveling long distances. However, it’s worth noting that a few regions unlock after reaching a certain milestone in the game.

How to Collect Portunids in Tower of Fantasy?

How to Collect Portunids in Tower of Fantasy?
Image source: Hotta Studios

Portunids look similar to the crab that is commonly found on beaches. After spotting one, stand close to it and damage it with any of your weapons. Finally, the critter will die and be added to your inventory. They also deal damage to your character; hence don’t stand idle near them.

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Like other ingredients, Portunids respawn at the same location once the daily reset happens. Hence, make sure to check the same areas to collect more ingredients. Once you have them in your inventory, you can use the ingredient for cooking the Steamed Crab, which regenerates 10 satiety. Wanderers can eventually use them to restore their character’s health immediately by 15%.

That’s everything you need to know about finding Portunids in Tower of Fantasy. Before leaving, don’t forget to check out some of our other Tower of Fantasy-related content here at Twinfinite, like Tower of Fantasy Reroll Guide, Is Tower of Fantasy Free To Play, and more.

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