Vampire Survivors 0.5.2 Patch Notes – New Content and Update

Here is everything you should know about the new Vampire Survivors 0.5.2 update including all the new content and bug fixes.

The Vampire Survivors 0.5.2 patch notes are now available, and they include new Arcana power-ups, items, weapons, and more – but the roguelike game also includes a new playable secret character in the form of a guitarist bat-woman named Concetta Caciotta, as well as some fantastic new gold ways to earn gold.

Three new weapons and evolutions, one new item, another tier for the Banish stat, and a new relic or “minor gameplay option” are included in the current release. A bug fix for the Celestial Dusting fire rate being affected by the vampire game’s frame rate is also included. Here is everything you should know about the Vampire Survivors 0.5.2 update

Vampire Survivors 0.5.2 Update – Patch Notes

New Content

Contains 6 new achievements to unlock:

  • A coffin in Gallo Tower
  • 1 new weapon
  • 2 weapon evolutions
  • 1 new item to pickup
  • 2 new Arcanas
  • 1 new relic/minor gameplay option
  • 1 more rank for Banish
Vampire Survivors Gameplay (Steam)
Vampire Survivors Gameplay (Steam)


  • Updated some sprites
  • Added Fullscreen toggle in Options menu
  • Temporarily removed copyrighted music tracks and therefore “Streamer safe music” option (all music currently available is safe)
  • Increased area scaling for King Bible and Unholy Vespers

Bug Fixes

  • Celestial Dusting firerate affected by FPS.
  • Phieraggi not visually scaling with Area
Vampire Survivors Gameplay (Steam)
Vampire Survivors Gameplay (Steam)

About Vampire Survivors

Luca Galante, better known as poncle, developed and published Vampire Survivors, a roguelike shoot ’em up pc game. On December 17, 2021, it was made available in early access. The user controls an automatically attacking character while fighting against waves of monsters, with the goal of surviving as long as possible and unlocking new characters, weapons, and relics for future sessions.

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The player chooses one of several characters with different initial weaponry and bonuses and controls them on a continually repeating level layout. The player’s weapons automatically attack, and the goal is to survive as long as possible against constant waves of creatures that deal damage on contact with the player. By defeating monsters and exploring the stage, the player can collect experience gems, which are used to level up, “floor chicken,” which restores the player’s health, and other useful items.

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