VCT Week 2 EMEA – A Weekend Recap of All Matches

The Valorant Champions Tour has been going at it for a full two weeks now and boy did we see some prolific matches this past weekend. Here’s a recap of all the matches that happened over the weekend of VCT EMEA Week 2!

We have moved on to the 2nd week of VCT EMEA and we had some pretty exciting matches. This article will guide you through the matches that took place over the weekend for the EMEA region. So even though a few of your favorite teams may not be mentioned, rest assured that you’ll know more than half of these globally recognized teams.

EMEA Weekend Recap for VCT Week 2

Here’s a recap of all the matches that happened in the VCT for the EMEA region. Here we go!

Match 1: Team Liquid vs. BBL eSports

While the eSports giants in the form of Team Liquid with the human headshot machine went up against BBL eSports, the spectacle was one worth watching.

TL ScreaM
ScreaM leads the charge against BBL (Twitter)

The first map was that of Fracture went up to double overtime soon to be taken by Team Liquid giving them a lead of 1-0 over BBL and ScreaM performing better than ever.

The second map of Split did not see the same amount of fight being put up by BBL as we saw a quick victory by Team Liquid with a 13-9 scoreline.

In the end, Team Liquid took the series in a 2-0 result in the first match of the weekend of VCT Week 2.

VCT EMEA Week 2 Match 2: OG LDN United vs. FNATIC

Redbull-sponsored OG LDN United continued to struggle in their path to the VCT as we saw them take a shameful defeat against FNATIC.

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Fnatic Derke
Fnatic Derke dominates over OG LDN United (Riot Games)

The first map was that of Haven which was taken in a swift 13-4 by FNATIC with Derke stealing the show boasting a KDA of 26/6/2 and an average combat score of 360 making his performance rather impressive.

If you thought Haven was quick, well then you must’ve had a ton of spare time after the second map of IceBox as FNATIC took it in a clean sweep 13-0 with Derke continuing to showcase his amazing performance.

Match 3: FunPlus Phoenix vs. G2 Esports

FunPlus Phoenix, who were unable to make it to Masters Reykjavik due to player transport complications, took on G2 Esports and took it away showing that they’re ready to make the list of qualified teams again.

The first map of Fracture saw FunPlus Phoenix take the map with a scoreline of 13-9 while we saw quite a fight being put up by G2 Esports.

FunPlus Phoenix VCT Week 2 wins against G2
FunPlus Phoenix wins against G2 Esports in VCT Week 2 (FunPlus Phoenix)

The second map saw a similar pattern being repeated as FunPlus Phoenix took the map yet again while giving away one more round than the last time following a scoreline of 13-10 as G2 lost the series 2-0.

VCT EMEA Week 2 Match 4: BIG vs Guild Esports

The series between BIG and Guild Esports was the first match-up in the series that saw all three matches of the best of three being played. Though BIG ended up losing, they put up some amazing fights.

koldamenta helps Guild Esports take away the match in VCT Week 2
koldamenta helps Guild take Map 1 (G2 Esports)

Map 1 was Icebox which was taken by Guild Esports with a scoreline of 13-10 as koldamenta on Viper stole the show. It would also make sense for a Viper to take it away on Icebox due to the agent’s abilities to slice up sites and create favoring fights for herself.

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Map 2 was where BIG went big, they barely took the map away from Guild Esports and continued to stay in the series with a 13-11 scoreline while musashi turned into a nightmare for Guild showing off a KDA of 30/12/4.

Does not matter how hard BIG may have struck on the second map, it will simply not be enough for them to console themselves after the 13-6 loss that they faced on Haven. In the end, Guild Esports proceeded to win the series 2-1.

VCT EMEA Week 2 Match 5: Natus Vincere vs. M3 Champions

This best of 3 series was a spectacle where we saw both teams delivering hard blow after hard blow to each other. None of them seemed to be able to fight back when the other was on a roll.

Natus Vincere NaVi
NaVi faced off against M3 Champions in Week 2 of the VCT (Natus Vincere)

Map 1 was Ascent, the most classic map of Valorant which was taken away in a whirlwind by M3C with Chronicle on Killjoy becoming their MVP and d3ffo on the Jett struggled to find kills showing how difficult it had become for Jett players.

Map 2 was swept away by NAVI with an utterly dominating performance on Bind with a 13-4 scoreline. Zeddy was the man to be watched as he pulled off inhuman plays on Omen.

M3C took away the last map of Icebox, however, while sweeping the ground with NaVi as nAts stepped up as the dominating Controller with 22/10/6 as his KDA.

VCT EMEA Week 2 Match 6: FOKUS vs Acend

The winners of VCT 2021 Champions found themselves facing FOKUS in EMEA VCT Week 2 and even though they stumbled in the beginning, they found their footing from Map 2.

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The first map saw FOKUS taking the lead from Acend as cNed struggled to find kills while playing Sage and bucher continued to wreak havoc using his lineups.

VCT week 2 Acend vs FOKUS cned
cNed leads his team to victory against FOKUS

As we moved on to the second map of Ascent, however, cNed decided it was enough to get him back on the Korean agent, Jett. He managed to lead his team to victory and do what he does best, getting kills and clearing sites.

And last but not the least, Acend managed to pull through in the last map of the series, Icebox. Starxo took the MVP this time around on Chamber with 27/11/1 as his KDA.

With that, the matches for the weekend of VCT week 2 came to an end and we saw some big names fall down and some of them, holding their own and keeping their name on top of the leaderboard.

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