Virgil reveals his Stage 2 Colon Cancer and asks the internet for financial help

Former WWE Superstar Virgil reveals his stage 2 Colon Cancer on social media 

Former WWE Superstar Virgil has announced that he has been diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer. This announcement comes after the former Million Dollar Champion was diagnosed with Dementia last month.

Virgil is a former WWE Superstar (The Sun)

He took to Twitter, where he revealed his cancer and asked for some help and support from the fans to pay his medical bills.

It’s really shitty right now. Too make things worse I know have stage 2 colon cancer. I am a fighter but need your help. I cannot afford any of the medical bills and would love your support.… love you guys

Virgil made his WWF debut in 1986 under the Lucious Brown moniker before being repackaged as the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase’s bodyguard. But went on to defeat DiBiase for the Million Dollar Championship at SummerSlam in 1991.

He would then move to WCW, where he had a five-year tenure with the company before departing in 2000. He made several appearances for WWE and a cameo with AEW in 2019. 

Fans can help with Virgil’s medical expenses by donating to his fundraiser by clicking here.

Former WWE Superstar Virgil reveals his whole situation via social media 

Apart from the fundraiser tweet. He provided more details on how things are going on in his life financially in a full description. 

So you understand my situation better I get $862 a month social security. A friend allows me to stay for $200 at a place he has. With Food and utilities and doctor visits pretty much puts me in the hole. I have had to do a few signings to help but been hard. This is Not a Gimmick nor a stunt , this is real, and it is hard to have to ask for help. Thank you to all of you. Michael ‘Virgil’ ‘Soultrain Jones’”

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Virgil provided details on how he started feeling worse in other social media posts, which led him to the hospital. He wrote,

“Dearest a Meatsauce Mafia. I am grateful that I can communicate something that has happened to me. Unfortunately, I have some really hard news to share. If you were wondering why I haven’t been so engaged over the last few weeks, it’s because I was given bad news. Since Mania weekend (of all weekends), I was not feeling so great. Something wasn’t right. My head, my arm and my heart . When I came back from Dallas, I Ended up going to the Doctor, and they discovered a whole bunch of issues.”

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