What Does ‘Full Server Capacity’ Error Mean in Destiny 2 & Can You Fix It?


The waiting game begins.

Destiny 2 Server Capacity issues are fairly common, especially around the start of a new season or a major expansion. It’s more than likely that you might have run into a warning stating that the servers are currently operating at full capacity at some point, and there’s seemingly nothing you can do to resolve it. Well, that’s pretty much the case.

What Is the Full Server Capacity Issue in Destiny 2?

When this shows up, you can give a little sigh of relief because the problem’s not on your end. Instead, it’s just the Destiny 2 servers are at capacity and so, because the game’s always-online and requires you to be connected to a server to play, you’re unable to join.

This regularly happens after new Season or Expansion updates, where players both old and new try and login at the same time.

Can You Fix Destiny 2’s Server at Capacity Error?

There’s no ‘fix’ for this, as this just means that there are too many people trying to get into Destiny 2 at the moment. Thankfully, the solution to getting around this is fairly simple.

If Destiny 2 tells you that servers are at full capacity, don’t just quit out of the application immediately. Instead, just let the game wait on the screen with the notice, and once the queues have cleared up a little, you’ll be automatically logged in. The game will log you in based on your queue number, so restarting the application might result in a much longer wait time. From our experience, we were able to get into the game after about 10 minutes of waiting, so hopefully the queues shouldn’t be too much of an issue for you and you won’t have to wait too long.

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