What happened to Nappy Roots rapper Fish Scales At his brewery

A Southern rap group Nappy Roots member was reportedly shot, robbed, and kidnapped at his brewery in Atlanta,

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According to the information that has been collected, the incident took place on Wednesday evening.

What happened to Nappy Roots rapper Fish Scales?

Rapper Melvin Adams Jr., professionally known as Fish Scales, was reportedly seen in public after leaving the Atlantucky Brewery, owned by Nappy Roots, at 11 p.m. At that point, two men came toward him and robbed him at gunpoint. The reports regarding this incident were published in the New York Post.

The assailants made the Nappy Roots rapper travel to his house in Hapeville even though they had already attacked him. Fish attempted to escape from his captors when they arrived in Hapeville; however, one of his captors shot him in the leg. Fish eventually surrendered.

Soon after that, the people who kidnapped Scales escaped, and he went to a neighbour’s house to ask for some assistance. After that, the police arrived at the scene of the incident, and Fish was taken to the hospital immediately after their arrival.

Not too long ago, the band shared an image on their social media of Fish Scales lying in a hospital bed. The band members continued, saying, “he is looking forward to getting back to work both on music and in the brewery.”

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At the beginning of this year, Fish Scales opened his brewery.

Fish Scales and another man named Skinny DeVille opened their brewery. Skinny claimed a customer was shot outside the brewery during a conversation with WXIA in Atlanta.

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DeVille expressed his relief to the media outlet, stating, “I am certainly relieved that my business partner and brother Scales is safe and recovering…that is what is most important.” Of course, we are also praying for the safety of the customer who was shot outside the business.

According to the reports published in the Atlanta Eater, the brewery will reopen on Friday, August 19, 2024. At present, the brewery is still closed. At this time, the authorities in charge of police investigations are still looking into the whole situation

Hows fans reacted on social media ?

As soon as the members of the band Nappy Roots uploaded a picture of Fish Scales to the official page that they maintain on Instagram, a large number of the rapper’s admirers and friends rushed to the comments section of the post to express their affection for him and their best wishes for his future.

A supporter commented, “Thank you so much for sharing the picture! What a wonderful sight it was to see Nappy smiling! In the meantime, a third supporter left the following message: “Blessings and prayers. Thank God you’re on the mend.”

Following that, another supporter commented, “Praying for a speedy recovery.” After that, another user commented, “Hoping for a speedy recovery!” I’m glad to hear that he’s feeling up to par!’” An additional one added, “All the love, MT” I’m sorry that you found yourself in this predicament. We are incredibly thankful that we still have you!!

Fish Scales, the rapper for Nappy Roots, has our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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