What Species is Yoda in Star Wars? Explained


A guide that explains the species Yoda is in Star Wars.

With Star Wars, George Lucas imagined a universe teeming with life—not just microscopic, but intelligent and unique. From the hairy Wookies of Kashyyyk to the red-eyed, blue-skinned Chiss of Csilla. Many of the species have a rich history you can dive right into, but what of Yoda? What species is Yoda in Star Wars? The answer is complicated.

Star Wars – What Species is Yoda?

While Star Wars has never revealed the name of Yoda’s species, the closest is “tridactyl.” However, even that term is inefficient. It doesn’t reveal anything about the history of Yoda’s species. “Tridactyl” only refers to a lifeform with three fingers and three toes on each hand and foot, respectively.

Very little of the species Yoda belongs to in Star Wars is known. Not even their homeworld is recorded anywhere. Canonically, only three have ever been seen in the Star Wars films and live-action TV shows: Yoda, Grogu, and Yaddle. With that said, there are several tidbits we can glean, despite so little to go off of.

For starters, they live incredibly long lives. Grogu is 50 years old, but still a baby; Yoda lived to be 900 years old; Yaddle was half Yoda’s age. Lastly, they appear to have a natural connection to the Force. Yaddle and Yoda were both Jedi Masters; Grogu is just a baby and can still heal wounds and tango with beasts. Outside of that, minor shared characteristics like skin color, long ears, and a carnivorous nature.

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Asking “What species is Yoda in Star Wars?” only leaves more questions than answers. The species was created to be a mystery, an enigma, much like the Force. If you like mixing Star Wars and video games, find out if Star Wars: The Old Republic is still worth playing in 2024.

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